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We are in an era were accepting and making online payments have become a new trend. People around the world prefer to make online payments for their purchase. 2D Payment Gateway gives a platform to these merchants to attract these customers towards their products and services. 

What is 2D Payment Gateway?

First, 2D Payment Gateway is an essential tool to start an online business. It facilitates merchants to provide their customers with a fast and user-friendly payment experience. 

Itenables your customers to make online transactions without a one-time password and security check. It is safe and hassle-free, and it can process payment via credit and debit cards. You can collect your payouts globally from your customers. 

Features of 2D Payment Gateway

  • Highly secured transactions
  • Shopping card support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Integrate with other channels such as website, mobile devices
  • Fraud risk control
  • Boosts your payment success rate

Amald is the solution for your business.

Amald is a well-known payment processing service provider in the global market. We offer you 2D Payment Gateway along with a high-risk merchant account. We support merchants in providing a safe and reliable payment experience to their customers. Our security solutions such as PCI-DSS Level 1 compliance, SSL encryption, and API interface support you in securing your transactions. 

We help you in making your payment procedure more legitimate and more effective with our multiple payment modes. You can allow your customers to pay via different channels like cards, ACH, e-check, and more. With our multi-beneficial platform, we give you a payment gateway, making your payment processing way easier. 

Benefits you get with Amald 2D Payment Gateway

  • Easy integration 
  • Multiple payment modes 
  • Diverse currency
  • Easy to get the statement
  • Account review on every 90 days
  • Processor flexibility 
  • Dedicated M. ID for merchants
  • Global gateway for high-risk and low-risk
  • Real-time transaction
  • Secure, reliable, and fast gateway
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 certified security standard 
  • Credit card processing
  • Chargeback management 
  • Fraud risk management 
  • Complete assistance for merchant 
  • 24*7 customer support 

At times the ACH and eCheck are considered to be same but there is a difference as the electronic funds transfer relies on automated clearing house and with the major distinction between ACH and eChecks with payments are based on different business models as they also differ regarding risk management. The different fees are put on processing of eCheck and with different providers the rates are put as average fees along with eCheck transaction. The eCheck payment gateway are based with newer technology and US is the country which finds most of the benefit with ACH technology as it is the most secure way to do transactions by Amald.

Approach offshore customers with our 2D Payment Gateway

Amald helps you with its offshore merchant account to expand your business globally. We provide an international 2D Payment Gateway to manage your global payouts. You get a platform to reach your customers globally and sell your products and services. Our highly secured and reliable payment gateway makes it more comfortable to receive your payments against your sales. 

Maximize your sales and profit with Amald’s offshore solution. 

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Give a boost to your payouts and revenue by adding an online payment method in your business. Amald has brought 2D Payment Gateway with multiple benefits to makes your payment process more effective. We give a PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway with various security tools to complete your transaction safe from chargeback and frauds. With a precise aim to provide equal opportunity to grow, Amald helps businesses to earn massive revenue with maximum profit.

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The 2d payment gateway is one of the leading payment gateways which works either with high risk or low risk industry and is run by payment gateway experts by Amald. The companies which look for the business transactions finds fast and convenient payment options with finding more revenues without hassle. The secure, reliable and fast gateways with real time transactions and complete assistance by merchants. The processor flexibility enables merchants to accept the payments online and also gets assistance with customer service by 24/7 for resolving any queries at the same time multiple currency transaction is facilitated thus helping with professional and monetary excellence in the business.