Excellent Coping Tips for Parents Who Put up Their Child for Adoption

Coping is dealing with difficult situations you can face in everyday lives. Some of them are critical but others have less importance. Different people cope in various ways; many use positive skills but others react negatively to the circumstances. It is all up to you whether you use positive or negative skills.


Why Child is put up for Adoption?

According to Adoption lawyers in Atlanta, there are many reasons why the parents give up their child for adoption. People have a general idea that women who are pregnant and don’t want the baby give the child for adoption. This is one of the many reasons for adoption. 

Parents are not mentally prepared

At times the parents are not mentally prepared to become father and mother. The parents have their own goals and ambitions so they don’t want to have the child and they have moral values not to abort the child. The only solution is to put the child up for adoption.

Can’t manage to care for the child

Caring ad raising the child is very expensive as there are many things that you have to arrange for. If you think that the cost of raising a child is just providing daily necessities then you are mistaken. Other expenses are also a part of it. Many of the birth parents don’t have the resources and finances to take care of the child.

Unwanted Pregnancy

On several occasions, couples don’t plan to have a baby but even after taking precautions the female gets pregnant. As they are not prepared to have the child so they go for adoption choice. There can be complications during the pregnancy which does allow the mother to abort.

Parents are emotionally not connected

As the parents are not prepared to have the child; they don’t feel an emotional attachment or connection with the child. Another situation that can occur is when the mother is afraid that the father’s attitude will not be right as the father will not associate with the child.

He/ she are Single Parent

As mentioned above that raising a child is expensive for both the parents and think if you are a single parent then it becomes extremely difficult. In many situations it is challenging for single parents to make both ends meet for themselves so how can they raise the child.

Wants to give a good quality life to the Child

Everyone loves their child and wants to give the best to him/ her. But circumstances don’t give the opportunity to provide the child with it. This is another reason as to why parents give the child for adoption to wealthy families. They want their children to get a good quality of life.

Excellent coping Tips for parents

There are many ways by which parents can cope with their situation after they have given their child for adoption according to adoption lawyers like Tom Tebeau. Several people might think that the parents don’t feel anything but deep down inside there is a storm of feelings and emotions brewing. This needs to be channeled so that parents can cope in a better way.

Ask Advice from Adoption lawyers in Atlanta

When you go to an adoption lawyer so that he/ she can help you to put the child for adoption; you can ask advice on how to cope with the whole situation after the child is given to the adoptive family. He/ she may direct you to an adoption therapist for further assistance. 

Don’t ignore your Feelings

The best way to confront the adoption situation is to face whatever is ahead and especially your feelings. It is a bad coping skill to ignore your feeling whether they are positive or negative. The loss of a child and especially giving up for adoption is difficult and there are mixed emotions of grief, loss, and anger.

Patience is best you can do

Many people think that it is unusual for parents to grief for losing their child but it is natural to feel strong emotions. Patience is one thing that can solve every problem and this also goes for the process of adoption. Keep it calm, be patient and let the emotions set into the situation.

Focus on the reason for giving up the child

One of the best tips is to focus on the reason as to why you had to decide to give the child up. Keeping your concentration on the reason for adoption will make you feel easy and satisfied because you want what is best for the child. 

Express your Emotions

Suppressing your emotions can be dangerous because many psychological, mental and emotional issues can develop. So expressing your emotions is an important coping skill for you.

Visit an Adoption Counselor

Coping with the feeling of loss and grief can never be done alone; you need someone to help you. Adoption counselors use various strategies to assist parents after they have given up for adoption.

Keep in touch with Family and Friends

Family and friends are a great support for people during their phase of adoption coping. Your close ones are the best source of comfort during this whole process.

Keep in contact with the child

According to the Adoption lawyers in Atlanta, the parents must be in contact with their child. This can happen in open adoption, relative adoption, and a few other types. So make sure that you keep in touch with the child.