Everything You Need To Know About IUI

1. Choose the right type of IUI method

IUI frequently has a higher success rate than intracervical insemination. The type of fertility drugs utilized and its timing intake are also critical. Sperm wash is a part of IUI and can boost its victory. You can opt for male infertility treatment in Chennai for the best medicine.

2. Take particularly good care of yourself

a) Eat a healthy diet and join foods that have been linked to enhancing fertility. Focus on eating whole foods, fruits, including vegetables, and whole grains. Have one or two servings per day of full-fat dairy products such as milk, yogurt, or cheese.

b) Stay hydrated and toxin-free by absorbing lots of water.

c) Take a daily multivitamin that includes folic acid. Other supplements may be combined based on your individual needs and physician recommendation.

3. Find ways to decrease and release your stress

There is a lot of proof that proves that stress can decrease your opportunities of getting pregnant. Even the stress you experience when coping with infertility can be a barrier to thought and can trigger a miscarriage. Find what helps you release stress and do it daily. General de-stressors include taking long walks, going for a bike ride, doing yoga every day, or connecting a support group.

4. Take an expectorant to enhance your chances of a successful IUI method

Fertility drugs such as Clomid can commit to too much mucus build up in the uterus. Cough syrup (like Robitussin) can ease to thin the mucus in your cervix to avoid your cervical mucus from becoming too thick and hostile to permit the sperm to survive.

5. Avoid difficult exercise right before and after insemination

Strenuous actions could cause uterine contractions that could interfere with implantation. Light exercise like light aerobics, swimming, walking, and yoga are excellent. High impact exercise such as jogging and step aerobics must be avoided. It’s best to take it simple before and after the method to provide your body the possibility to relax and calm down.

6. Have a backup plan

Although IUI can increase the probabilities of pregnancy, it isn’t foolproof. If you aren’t sure what is beginning your fertility challenge, use this time to get to the root of your underlying problems. The right place to start would be with fertility test for men in Chennai fertility assessment. In this, after answering online a few questions regarding your health, a customized fertility address will be emailed to you outlining potential fertility risk circumstances with suggestions on how to make changes.

If you are seeing for fertility treatment to help you conceive, fortunately, IUI may be the solution for you. It is indeed worth a try before proceeding to IVF, which is a much more expensive procedure.