Few Cautions and Considerations Will Increase Net Value of Watches Sold Online

Selling watches online is never easy. It involves huge investments, risks and other elements of stress. It is for this reason that most people take the easy route to sell watches online through or sell directly to different popular and reliable online watch selling stores.

This saves them from the stress and trouble of selling watchesonline to a complete stranger. It prevents them from getting a bad deal.

Make your deal rewarding

Selling to any reliable is easy and safe but to ensure that such an approach is highly rewarding, the following tips and suggestions will help you to increase the amount you may receive by selling your watches online.

The following tips can help you increase the amount you get for your watch, whichever way you decide to sell.

  • Branding: Proper branding of your watches is also important when you want tosell watches Most reputable and reliable watch dealer will offer their products in a precise branded box as well as valid papers and documents. This establishes authenticity of the product. Original box and papers will ease the tension and apprehension of the potential buyers and at the same time it will also command a higher price of your product as compared to those that comes without a box and valid relevant papers.
  • Recourse: It is highly possible that when you make a sale online the buyer may come back to you claiming that something is wrong in the product and ask for a refund. Moreover, possibilities that the buyer will send back the watch in a much worse state than you sent it cannot be ruled out completely. Hardware and links can be missing and even authentic spare parts may be replaced with inauthentic one as well. These will further complicate the issue and even compound your loss if you do not realize that something is stolen or replaced. You will face a lot of problems when you re-list the item.
  • Hidden commissions: If you have a high end luxury watch and want to sell it off then just like most of such watch owners you may too assume that going to the auction is the safest way to ensure a proper sale and perfect return. However, an actual auction house will have lots of hidden commissions, no matter how hassle free the processes it may seem to you. These hidden commissions can be a killer and can even repudiate the benefits. Apart from the sale price, you will have a 15 to 20% buyer’s commission as well as a 10 to 15% seller’s commission. There can also be charges for photography, insurance, and the shipping price. All these will reduce your take home sale amount.
  • Model number: Make sure that you always include the model number because without any model or reference number, it will be hard for any potential buyer to find the relevant facts and information regarding the watch you want to sell. These facts and information help the buyers to make an informed decision when they purchase a watch.Moreover, there is a high chance that potential buyers will ignore your watch if it is displayed without a model or reference number. However, make sure that you do not give away the full serial number as this is unique to the owner of the watches only. This will prevent the replica makers to use it and make a replicastamping it with the authentic serial number. Mention the first few digits and replace the rest of the serial number with ‘XXXX’ with a promise to show it at the time of final dealing.
  • Photography: Pictures speak a thousand words and even better that any text message. Therefore, make sure that you include take photography seriously and include high quality photo with high resolution and clarity. Make sure that before listing it online, you take pictures from all possible angles to show its perfection as well as every imperfection. This will help you to increase the perceived value of your watch by being more transparent with the sale. It will also eliminate the chances of returning the watch by a buyer after sale being dissatisfied with the product.

To ensure that your watches are valued properly and accurately, you may have to take help of an expert watch valuation team. It is wise to invest on a professional photographerand a marketing team as well.

Help of escrow services

You may also consider hiring a reliable and reputable escrow services to sell your watches online. This will ensure that you have a safe and hassle free transaction. You will find several such trusted service providers across the globe. However, there are a few things to consider in such an approach as well. These are:

  • Make sure that the escrow service considers your security as their number one priority
  • Provides a solid guarantee that your personal and financial details will never divulge to put it is a compromised or vulnerable situation and
  • Make sure that the company deals with a variety of watches so that it has a considerable footfall to increase the chances of your watch getting sold.

The market for used watches sales online is remarkably huge because individuals find this to be the most convenient way to purchase and sell watches across the world.The escrow service should satisfy your highend desires.

Therefore, there are a few things that you should look out for in such service providers to ensure that you sell your watches fast and at a fair price.

  • Take time to investigate the service provider, read the reviews and know their rating.
  • Check for the payment options as well. Find out how PayPal works with these service providers. This will offer convenience to both the buyers as well as the sellers of watches.
  • Also note the currency of such payments.

Apart from the payment, you must also track the shipping and delivery of the product to ensure that it reaches to the customer on time and in a perfect state.

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