Elevator Shoes – Feel Confident About Yourself

Elevator shoes are shoes that, well, “elevate” your height. The primary difference between heels and elevator shoes is the level of discretion. An elevator shoe’s height is structured within the insole, ultimately providing an illusion of natural height.

What are the benefits of an elevator shoe?

As it is with anything else in life, the benefits of things are connected with the person’s perspective of what a benefit is. Nonetheless, here are the top five advantages and benefits of wearing elevator shoes.

  1. Height

While we all have our own, one of the more commonly known insecurities amongst men is height; but to be fair, for whatever reason, height does play a big role in how we as humans subconsciously interact with one another. Be it subconscious or otherwise, at the end of the day, we can’t control what anyone else thinks of us any more than we can control our height. What makes elevator shoes different from its competitors is their unshaking belief system. They believe in the freedom of confidence, regardless of gender: if women can wear heels to feel taller, then why can’t men?

  • Confidence

Through the extension of one’s physique and silhouette, added height can make people look and feel slimmer. And while some people may disagree, elevator shoes believes that there’s nothing wrong with feeling confident about yourself: if you’re not hurting anyone else, then why does it matter?

  • Health

It’s no secret that high heels wreak havoc on posture; and as we all know, having poor posture can lead to back problems, hip stiffness, along with other issues. However, the difference between a high heel and elevator shoes is the infrastructure of the shoe. A high heel tilts downward and usually has no insoles. On the other hand, underneath the insole, the elevated shoe lays generically flat. Simply stated, of all the heels out there, elevator shoes resemble the most risk-free in terms of rendering potential health problems.

  • Comfort

Au contraire to popular belief, elevator shoes are not uncomfortable. The point of an elevator shoe is to look and feel like a normal shoe, just with a little extra “kick” of “heightened” confidence.

  • Style

Saving the best for last is the impeccable application of elevator shoes visionary design. Whatever the occasion is, this brand offers such a wide variety of options that you’re bound to fall in love with at least one of them. Whether you’re looking for formal wear, casual wear, or even athletic wear, elevator shoes has got you covered.

While men’s elevator shoes have been around since 1972, the world-renowned Italian shoe designer guidomaggi.com elevator shoes never ceases to impress people with their elevator shoe line. With the weaving together of a timeless twist between modern and classic styles, coupled with the shoe’s intrinsic benefits and the company’s core beliefs, it’s no wonder why their brand is revered as nothing short of spectacular.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes didn’t shoot for the moon just to hit the stars. In their unique boldness, guidomaggi.com elevator shoes has mastered the art of entrancing confidence within the endeavoring elegance of a shoe. Sincerely speaking, if you haven’t yet had a chance to try their elevator shoes, at least check out their stellar reviews.