Tips For Choosing the Right Tops Outfit

Whether you’re looking to add a little sexy to your look with a top embellished with sheer details or want to go all out club-appropriate with a sequined cropped tee and heels, the outfit possibilities are endless. Start with a flattering silhouette, like a tailored dress shirt or blouse.

If your top is heavier, draw attention to the bottom with a bold color bottom, such as red jeans.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are a great way to show off your waist and add a touch of sexiness to any outfit. They come in a variety of styles, fabrics, and cuts. Although conventional wisdom says crop tops are only suitable for thin girls, they can flatter all body types if styled properly. Some people prefer crop tops with loose pants or skirts for a casual or edgy look, while others enjoy pairing them with tight jeans or shorts.

While crop tops were initially designed as a fabric-saving solution during World War II, they made a resurgence in the late 1970s due to the aerobics craze and as a glamorous sex symbol popularized by the likes of Cher and Britney Spears. The trend continued to grow into the millennial era, with Paris Hilton becoming the iconic face of the crop top.

Nowadays, young people love to wear going out tops for college for their unique, stylish look. They pair them with black ripped jeans and high heels to complete their trendy outfits for going out with friends or on a date night. Wear your crop top with a maxi skirt or tailored pants if you want a more elegant and sophisticated look. This is a fashionable and sophisticated outfit that will still be appropriate for most work environments, depending on the context and history of the location.

Flowy Tops

Flowy tops are all the rage this summer. They are super comfortable, and they look pretty amazing. You can pair them with high-waist jeans and brown sandals. The look is perfect for a casual stroll with friends or a day at the beach.

One of the biggest things to remember with flowy tops is that shape matters. Often, the flowy trend involves a lot of fabric that can cling to areas you might want to camouflage or add bulk where you don’t need it. However, designers have started structuring these pieces to be loose and flowing without compromising their flattering shapes.

The best way to balance out a flowy top is to wear it with something fitted on the bottom. This will bring the shape back into the outfit and make it more streamlined. This could be a skinny jean, a pencil skirt, or leggings.

You can also try a loose-fit tee with jeans with a frayed hem to give the outfit a boho-chic feel. The key is to find a pair of jeans or leggings the same size as your top so the hemline will fall in a similar place. This will create a seamless look that looks like you put more thought into your outfit than you did!

Boxy Tops

The relaxed silhouette of a boxy top adds a sophisticated touch to your daytime outfits. Choose from inspired styles and subtle hues to create outfits with confidence and refinement. This look is chic and comfortable and is the perfect choice for your office, a date night, or a day out with friends.

A boxy top with wide-leg pants or jeans is an excellent style. The wide legs balance the oversized fit of the shirt and prevent it from looking too big on your frame. A boxy top can also be worn with a pencil skirt to show off your lower body and make it more work-appropriate.

Boxy shirts are available in crop tops and standard fitted t-shirt lengths. The crop tops are more revealing, so you’ll want to consider how much stomach you want to show. Also, look at the length of the sleeves — you’ll want to make sure they aren’t too long or short.

Because a boxy shirt hides your upper body, it’s an excellent opportunity to try out patterns that you might not be able to wear with other styles of tops. Choose a top with a print that catches your eye, or mix and match different prints for a bolder look. Some boxy shirts even come as part of a set with a pencil skirt, taking the guesswork out of putting together the perfect outfit.

Tank Tops

Regarding tank tops, many different styles and silhouettes are available. Choosing one that fits your body type and complements the rest of your outfit is essential. For example, if you have an apple shape, look for a loose-fitting tank that skims over your midsection. Conversely, if you’re a pear shape, you may prefer a tank with wider straps to balance your hips.

Another factor to consider is the material your tank top is made of. It’s essential to choose a sustainable option that minimizes your environmental impact. Look for a tank top made from organic cotton or another eco-friendly fabric, if possible. This will help ensure your tank is breathable and comfortable.

Sheer and mesh tank tops are also great options for warm weather. They can be worn alone or under a light jacket or blazer. They can also be paired with jeans for a casual look or skirts for a more formal event. These tank tops look best when worn with black stilettos.