DevOps services: Development and Deployment of Operational Ideas Continuously

DevOps services


There has been a huge hype about DevOps services in the IT world which has readily helped to drive a change in the IT culture which focuses on the rapid IT service delivery for its clients. DevOps has become one of the most adaptive changes that every big or small business house has brought about in their IT infrastructure in recent times. It has become such an important component in the business and IT world, that every company sees it as their duty to recruit or build a DevOps team in their company. It has been considered the holy grail of business transformation by all the leading business houses in the world. This article would help us to understand that does DevOps services live up to the hype that it has truly rummaged in the business and IT world.

What is DevOps?

DevOps has been said to have guaranteed by the companies or businesses which have adopted it to provide 24 times faster recovery, 200 times deployment frequencies and brought down the change failure rates by 3 times. This fact has been established by Puppets State of DevOps report.

DevOps are generally programs which are developed with the combination of practices, philosophies, and tools which are supposedly developed to increase the capability of any company or organization to deliver applications at faster rates, as well as improve and evolve products of the organization much faster than organizations which use traditional infrastructure management processes and software development tools.

What are the benefits of DevOps Services?

DevOps Services Companies like that of NodeXpertshave been able to provide their clients with advanced business processes which have helped them in the following process:

  • Release products of the clients could be done at cosmic speeds keeping in mind the high-end quality.
  • Mature and evolve the work approaches and company practices of their clients.
  • The successful merger of operations and development of the client company.
  • Introduce advanced business tools like automation, virtualization, cloud technology and many more.
  • Reduce burdens of the IT team while attending to automate some of their work too.
  • Break down the barriers of operational walls between various teams within the client company while grinding down the “not my task” mindset of the employees within the client company or organization.

What does DevOps Services Company like that of NodeXperts do?

A DevOps services company has been able to drive tremendous change in IT culture and helped companies in the faster delivery of their IT services. It makes use of infrastructure improvements as well as drive continuous deployment. Some of the basic workings of every DevOps service company are:

  • The planning, resting and development of the IT infrastructure of a company.
  • They also implement integrations.
  • They help in fixing updates and fixes patches in the software development of the company.
  • They provide every company’s IT department with advanced tools that minimize errors as well as evolves and improves the customer experience.
  • They developed software that integrates with the back end systems of their client company.
  • They help to sort out production errors as well as provide a root cause analysis of the error.
  • It is also responsible for carrying out investigation and resolution of technical glitches and errors within the systems of the client company.
  • They are responsible for script development which aids in automating visualization.
  • They are responsible for troubleshooting and maintenance of procedure design of systems.

In laymen’s words, their basic job is speeding up the deployment process in an efficient way which would reduce the stress on the IT people of their client company while acting as a system administrator in between coding sessions.

A DevOps Services Company like that of NodeXperts performs various services and solutions which help their clients not only to develop and delivers software to their customers faster but also various other services like:

  • Remote DBA support which includes server support, server orchestration, virtualization, and security.
  • Full-stack development through Meteor, Node.js and many more.
  • Build better User Interfaces for their clients for a smooth user experience.
  • Building faster, better and more efficient coding.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment using a variety of tools like that of React, Angular JS, ES6, Express and many more.

What is Remote DBA Support?

DevOps services companies like that of NodeXperts provide remote DBA support to their clients round the clock through multiple platforms. In remote DBA support, the DevOps services companies provide support to companies having database administration like that of Informix, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and others.

The remote DBA support provided by the DevOps services companies like that of NodeXperts helps their clients IT staff to provide 24*7 consultations and on-site support in database management services which help the client company to save about 40%-60% of the database administration costs.

Some of the advantages that the client company of the DevOps Services Company receives from services like that of remote DBA support are:

  • Increase in availability of staff for 24*7 maintenance of the database systems.
  • Increase in productivity of the client company by identifying problems proactively while also scheduling changes in database systems which would be beneficial in the future.
  • Increase in performance due to the presence of experts working for the client sent by the DevOps services company for remote DBA support. Reduction in the expenditure of the client companies up to 60% over employing in-house staff for the maintenance of database systems.
  • The DevOps services companies are also very efficient in scaling up their teams whenever their client requires migration or up-gradation of their database systems.
  • Remote DBA support also includes support of disaster recovery as data is the most important asset of any client company, and DevOps services company not only manages their client’s database but also provides strong disaster recovery plans which help to avoid data loss.

A good DevOps services company is simply not a web development company but they provide all-round IT services support in product release as well as database management for their client companies.