8 Colorful And Playful Interiors for Your Sweet Home

Colorful And Playful Interiors for home

Colours have various playful natures if they are used in the right way on the basis of color scheme and intensity. Some people love to prefer classic and safe while a few want to achieve the new interior by experimenting on a blend of colors. 

Some great color combinations which can be ideal for the playful and quirky interior are mentioned here by the leading painters and decorators. Read on to know them to change the ambiance and overlook of your interior.    

1. Blue, Green, and Yellow 

Of course, this trio cannot be the obvious selection yet they can be enough for creating a playful combination. Paint the wall’s background with blue and add the green and yellow as decorative elements. 

This color scheme is really very helpful to decorate a kid’s bedroom as it deeply influences subconscious development in children. Green possesses creative property, yellow brings the happiness and optimism and lastly blue enhances the tranquillity. It helps the kids for improving their communicative skill, be trustworthy and promotes sleep. 

Being an overwhelming combination, the colors’ intensity helps in influencing the perception. However, if you have considered this combination for decorating other rooms you have to play smartly by lighting and muting two colors and bolding the rest one for the perfect contrast.  

2. Pink, Yellow and White

Apparently, pink is the “girly color”! However, it is not always true as it has the right amount of nurture and peace to be used as a decorative element. Furthermore, it is the perfect alternative to obtain the right contrast to red if you don’t want too bold. Even pure red can be alarming and overwhelming as well. 

Pink imposes a peaceful environment to your living room if you furnish the room with soft pink furniture. You are recommended to use the paint in a joyous manner instead of overpowering. Hence, it can be combined with white or warm yellow too for the right sense of balance and brighten up the room. 

3. Grey and Orange

Orange possesses a distinctive quality of imposing various impacts on the mind according to its shade used. Being the complete mix of the energy of red and joy of yellow, it excellently offers a motivating, warm and happy environment to the room whenever painted. 

You should hire a professional painter who can make use of the correct shade of color like a rustic one otherwise; it will empower the ambiance and ruin the entire look. You are advised to use decorative elements like rugs and pillows along with proper furniture to make the look complete. 

Another way of using it is to paint the single wall with orange and place an orange piece of furniture for the color blocking effect. Various greyish shades can be used too for brightening out the color. As it is a compromising color obtained from a blend of white and black it can offer the much-needed stability to the room.       

4. White, Black and Red

These 3 classic colors can be seen together often. As black and white remain a timeless choice for decoration but red is bright enough for popping up the decoration. This deadly combination is right for brightening up the corner like a kitchen. 

You may even try a glossy finish over the white and red to improve the playing nature of reflection. As per the interior painters and decorators in London, even cabinets can be made of red if it has enough space to furnish with chairs with bold-red cushions. It provides a sophisticated as well as classy look to any other room as well.

5. Orange, Blue, and Grey

The blue shade is somewhat which adds tranquillity to the room. By using it with a completely different contrast like grey or orange your room can look bold and unique. You can tone it slightly for a relaxing hue with the help of a blue undertone.

According to the painters and decorators, blue-grey hues and rusty orange also impose the perfect balance to the room. Although it can offer an unusual appearance yet right amount works really well for decorating any room.    

6. White and Blue

This color scheme never ever gets old. Whenever you are planning to offer a maritime interior to your home, white and blue can be the right combination for painting and decorating. It has also a unique versatility and can be imposed on any interior design. 

White balances the curious as well as neutral interior while blue pops up the entire design. Be tricky on interior contrasts by using dark blue opposite to lighter whites. It offers a solitude ambiance of the home for relaxing and socializing. 

7. Purple and Green

This outstanding combination of colors works well all together. Green is symbolized as a natural element that brings balance and harmony to a particular place. Even it can bring peace and good luck for your home and enhances creativity if used correctly. On the other hand, purple is the spiritual color promoting imagination. 

If it is used along with green, it will offer an incredible environment of self-reflection and thinking. Even a majority of people prefer the combination of violet and olive green for painting their home. It is so; because it brightens up the home and promotes its lively ambiance.  

8. Pink and Blue

Though the combination seems perfect for decorating a kid’s room yet its right amount and intensity can pop up the overwhelming factors of the room with fun. Our experienced painters and decorators advise using light as well as warm hues of pink along with dark blues. Bubble-gum pink is the right one to select to paint a wall while you choose a dark blue as the decorative element. 

If done incorrect manner, painting and decorating is an exciting and fun-filled task. But if you don’t have any idea about the right color scheme for your room, you should book a professional painting and decorating service. You can look for the most trustworthy painters and decorators in London to get the job done appropriately. 

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