Detail Guide To Know About The Visitor Visa 600 Streams and Criteria

The visitor visa subclass 600 is the conventional form of Australian visa which most of the people apply for. This visa lets you visit Australia to see family or friends for a short time, experience a short business tour or that of holiday trip. In short, with this visa, you will be able arrive and depart Australia in a hassle-free manner. All this and many more that too while travelling about the mesmerizing Australia and behold its captivating spots in between. However, you will be surprised to know that this visa has different streams, criteria and stay durations.

A look at the different visa streams!

As already told that the visitor visa 600 has a number of different streams. Each of these streams applies to applicants with a set of different circumstances altogether. These include the following:

  • Frequent Traveler Visitors stream: Chinese travelers who want to visit Australia to serve a business purpose can apply for this visa stream.
  • Approved Destination Visitors stream: Chinese travelers who are travelling with certain tour groups of China will be able to apply for this visa stream. Again, they need to have a specific set of itineraries so as to become eligible.
  • Business Visitors stream: This visa stream is meant for those who need to visit Australia either for attending a conference, seminar or short meeting.
  • Sponsored Family Visitors stream: People who are planning to visit Australia for a certain period of time can apply for this particular stream. The visit should again solely be for visiting your family and not for serving any other purpose. However, the pertinent family needs to sponsor the visitor’s absolute welfare during his or her stay. The sponsor should either be a permanent resident of Australia or citizen of Australia.
  • Tourists’ stream: Are you planning to visit Australia to complete a short duration study or to experience an exhilarating holiday? If so, then this visa stream is meant for you. The duration of study, however, should not exceed a time-frame of ten weeks and must be less than that. Alternatively, if you visit family or friends to be precise, then, you can apply for this visa stream as well.

The credentials for each of these visa streams can vary to a reasonable extent and submitting them is imperative. The best person who can help you in this matter is a qualified immigration agent Perth for sure. Not only will your migration agent will help you choose the right stream, but, will help you to apply for it perfectly.

Criteria and stay time-frames of the Visitor Visas!

When it comes to the tourist visa 600 most of its pertinent streams are approved for a time-frame of one year. You can visit Australia multiple times regardless of the visa stream you’ve chosen. In exceptional cases, this duration have to be increased somewhat. It implies, if substantial circumstances favour you, the duration of your visitor visa can be as long as five years. However, the case officers will ascertain that your visa application is proved to be absolutely ‘low risk’ in type.

Additional Information!

In certain circumstances, you will be able to request a stay time-frame of six to twelve months. Hire a migration agent in Perth who can guide you in this matter in the best possible way. However, according to the conventional rule, you can stay in Australia with this visa for not more than three months. Again, you will be constrained to the activities as already mentioned by you. Say for instance, undergoing a training program for up to three months and activities related to the business-visitor stream etc.

No Further Stay!

Certain applicants are again incurred by a ‘no further stay’ condition. If same is the case with you then you will not be able to extend the duration of your visa while staying in Australia.

Essential Preconditions of the Visitor Visas!

The chief criterion of the visa 600 irrespective of the stream is to prove your genuine intention to visit Australia. As per this requirement, you need to substantiate yourself as a ‘genuine temporary entrant’. It implies that once your visit in Australia is satiated, you’re going to return to your home country.

Stream-oriented criteria!

Depending on your reason to visit Australia, there will again be some stream-oriented preconditions which you need to meet. Common examples include documents to substantiate your Australian business meetings or providing the sponsorship credentials etc. Aside, you need to show that you possess adequate funds to afford your entire stay in Australia.

How to apply for the Visitor Visa 600?

Application for this visa can be completed both onshore and offshore. It implies that you can be both inside and outside Australia while applying for this particular visa regardless of the stream. Besides, the maximum number of applications can be lodged online. Remember, that you should reside in the same place while applying for this visa both onshore and offshore. In exceptional cases, the applicant might require to apply for the visitor visa 600 offline. This necessity arrives at times simply because their Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement becomes unreasonably complicated.

Hire a Migration Agent in Perth!

So, do you also wish to apply for the visitor visa 600 devoid of any flaws or inadequacies? Then, hire a Visa Consultant Perth to get the job done impeccably. A registered Immigration Agent Perth is aware of the crucial aspects of the several visa streams quite well. So, according to your unique circumstances, your migration agent will help you to apply for the right visa stream effectively.