Laptop overheating is fairly prevalent and can be bad when it is not taken care of, it has been experienced by many laptop owners. Often, due to motherboard and hardware issues that most individuals may not be able to fix, ageing laptops may overheat. However, the lack of adequate airflow within the laptop compartment is responsible for the most common type of overheating. Overheating does not mean that there are serious problems with the machine since there are some methods to cool it down but not fixing it sooner may result in your computer occasional self shutdown. Let’s look at some effective and quick ways to protect your laptop from getting overheated.

Check the Fans and Clean them

Position your hand just next to the fan vents whenever you notice your laptop getting hot. If you feel hot air popping out of the vents, you will know whether the laptop’s fan is working correctly or not. If you notice very little air or no air, then the fan may have accumulated dust or it is damaged. With some relatively compressed air, you could open up the device and blow out the dust. Look for a new replacement if the ventilator has broken down. Note that if you are not familiar with openings laptop, get a specialist to do it.

Raise the laptop

The absence of insufficient ventilation beneath the laptop can cause overheating. By elevating your laptop and putting a small flat material under the machine, this can be resolved. It’s even better to buy a laptop cooling mat and provide enough regular ventilation under your computer system, apart from using a flat surface like a book. There are various kinds of cooling mats available, and one can be bought online. 

Use A Desk for the Lap

The use of a lap desk is another technique for providing sufficient ventilation. In order to improve airflow under your laptop, the thin rubber feet on the bottom provide standard elevation. Some persons, however, when using them, place laptops on their laps. This limits the flow of air under the laptop and results in overheating. A lap desk helps to keep the airflow constant, thus keeping your laptop heat free. 

Control the speeds for fans

Constant airflow protects your fans from working at full speeds inside your laptop. It implies that the CPU is working overtime when your fan is moving at high speeds, and it may get even hotter. By installing programs, like SpeedFan for Windows, you can control fan speeds.

Avoid the use of processor-intensive programs

Some computers are old or are not designed to run some specific programs and forcing your laptop to run those programs can actually make your computer CPU to work overtime.

Mostly as a result of intense processes, overheating in your laptop can occur. By preventing such programs on your machine, you can make your laptop comfortable. For instance, using a computer manufactured in 2009 to run PES 2020 game can kill your laptop simply because the computer does not meet the required specification to play the game. Browsers with video Flash, for example, will subject the Processor to hard work. The CPU is going to start getting hotter and fan speeds will increase just to cool down the CPU. It is therefore advisable to use your browser’s FlashBlock so that flash videos is only turned on when it is necessary. 

Keep your laptop in a cool place  

Finally, because of intensive exposure to the hot day sunlight, particularly during summer, overheating of your computer may happen. High temperatures can cause a device to overheat because of hard drive expansion and damage to the battery. You can also read more about how to revive a dead or weak battery. Therefore, every time temperatures are high, you must also keep your laptop in the shelter. It is advisable to get it repaired as soon as possible when your laptop is shutting down and experiencing serious slowdowns as a result of overheating.

Quick summary

Every laptop and computer deserves some care and inadequate care can result in damage or performance issue to your laptop, avoiding using your laptop in a cool place would definitely cool down as using it in the sun could raise the temperature. Avoid using your laptop in a dusty environment as the dust can accumulate in the vent and reducing the air flow in and out of the computer. Observe the steps and method in this article so you can overcome overheating both now and in future.

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