Is a microwave oven useful in India?

India is known for its traditions, cultures, and various foods. When the British came to India, they had arrived to do the discovery of various spices in India. At that time people were unaware of spices. Even they didn’t know about spices. We can guess how popular the dishes were in India. As the century changed, everything changed, but the food remained the same. The cooking method is similar, but the change has occurred in heating the food. Now in most households, women heat their food in a microwave oven. 

The invention of the microwave oven

After World War II, Percy Spencer invented the microwave oven in 1945. This microwave oven was invented incidentally and the first microwave oven was sold in 1946. By 1975, microwave ovens had become prevalent for the most part and many people were using them. But it was not so popular in India at that time. After 1991, this oven started coming into the Indian market and after that slowly prevalent everywhere.

Is a microwave oven can kill the bacteria from our food?

There is no proper evidence that it can kill bacteria when you heat your food in the microwave. It is just an assumption, also some companies make false advertisements and promote various unnecessary things. It is important for you not to pay attention to such false advertisements.

Microwave and India

It is not possible to cook food in microwaves in India because more fire is required to cook Indian food and these microwaves are not able to generate that type of heat. Therefore in India, it is used only for heating food and not for cooking food. Nowadays it is very famous in the Indian market and varieties of microwave ovens are available. Some popular brands in India are LG, Panasonic, Toshiba, Samsung, Bajaj, IBF, and whirlpool.

Types of microwave ovens

  1. Conventional microwave oven
  2. Solo microwave oven
  3. Grill microwave oven

In India, as the use of this microwave oven is increasing very fast, we need to buy the best microwave ovens in India. Now, most household women are aware of this microwave oven and women use it to heat their food. It is easy to use and there is no maintenance. Today these ovens are embellished in every electric shop.

Advantages of online shopping

20 to 25 years ago, online shopping was not in great demand. Very few people knew about this online marketing. But now in the era of online shopping, everything is being done on the Internet. Everyone can find their favorite products on the Internet and buy them. E-commerce websites like Walmart, eBay, myntra,, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, etc. provide a variety of products on their website. If you want a product, you can easily buy it on these platforms. 


  • No crowds

If you go to some electronic shop, you always see that it is full of people, and sometimes you are unable to carry your products properly. But there is no rush in online shopping, you can easily select your product and buy it.

  • Genuine products

By shopping online, you can get genuine products as per your choice and these products are easily delivered to your home. Some trusted brands are Amazon, Flipkart. Most people in the world buy their products from these e-commerce websites.

  • No EMI

If you buy on the EMI system, there is no interest policy, which saves your money. With no interest, many people can also buy expensive items. Every person loves their money and wants to save them and this e-commerce offers a lot of offers to their customers, which saves their money.

  • Return policy

If you are not satisfied with these products, you can easily return them to the company. You can return that product by following some instructions as per company rules. There are many benefits offered by this company, which is why these companies are in great demand nowadays.

In the end

In the last, we just say that now it is the era of technology and we need to go with this technology. If you are going to buy a microwave for your kitchen, then you need to get complete knowledge about this product and buy the best microwave oven for your kitchen as per your choice.