4 Dazzling DIY Ideas to Decorate Your House this Diwali

It’s that long-sought time of the year again, when every house rings with the sounds of laughter and merrymaking, every street corner is bedecked with a million flashing lights, and the sky is ablaze with the spectacle of fireworks. In the midst of the typical style of these festivities, you might be in half a mind to do something creative this time around to express your excitement towards the Festival of Lights.

Well, why not start by home-crafting some decorations to spruce things up and, at the same time, add a personal touch to your ambience? Below, we have listed a few simple yet stunning DIYs that will instantly brighten up every room and everyone’s mood:

1. Tea Lights

These decorative items immediately catch the eye and are so easy to create. All you need are some empty glasses, like the type you might find at tea stalls, and just as many tealight candles, which are readily available in the market. If you want to take it a step further, you can paint the glasses in all kinds of colours and enjoy the mesmerising reflections!

Decorate Your House this Diwali

2. Thread Lanterns

These are slightly more challenging but oh-so-rewarding once you are done with the creation. You will require a ball of wool, a paintbrush, a balloon, water, glue, scissors, flour, and a bowl.

  • Start by inflating the balloon to the desirable size.
  • Mix 4 tablespoons of glue with 3 tablespoons of water and 3 tablespoons of flour.
  • Smear some Vaseline all over the balloon.
  • Take one end of the ball of wool and tie it to the knot of the balloon.
  • Dip the rest of the wool in the aforementioned mixture.
  • Now wound the wool around the balloon.

Once it dries, burst the balloon and hang up the lantern wherever you like!

Decorate Your House this Diwali

3. Lacey Candle Holders

Candles by themselves can be quite the object of attention, but enwrap them in some lace and suddenly, they are the pièce de résistance! You don’t even have to do much. Simply envelop a gorgeous piece of lace around a glass or mason jar in which you keep the candle, embellish it with colourful ribbons or buttons and so on, and place the candle inside. Your improvised candle holder is ready to shine.

Decorate Your House this Diwali

4. Mini Lampshades

With the power to truly enhance the appearance of any room, mini lampshades are as easy to make as they are pleasant to look at. Get your hands on printed sheets or vellum paper, both of which are easy to find, and make a lampshade by folding them. Now, take a wine glass, place a tealight candle inside, and fix your lampshade on top of the glass. For maximum effect, use complementary colours.

Decorate Your House this Diwali

So, there you have it! Apply these DIY ideas to jazz up your place without burning a hole in your pocket. And if you wish to go all out and renovate your home this festive season, a home loan is the fastest and surest way of making that happen. A housing loan can help you find your dream house and improve your creditworthiness at the same time.

Happy Diwali!