Find Top 4 Tips for Dealing with Sweaty Hands in Pole Dancing Class

When you’re working the pole, you best believe you’re also working up a sweat. Pole dancing may look like fun (and it is!), but it is also one of the most physically demanding workouts you can do. It strengthens your core, it helps you build total body lean muscle mass that will boost your metabolism, it increases your heart rate for a killer cardio workout and it encourages flexibility, coordination and balance.

It’s also an insane workout for your grip. It makes sense: you have to hold your bodyweight with your hands for most of the workout, so sweaty hands from pole dancing are pretty much guaranteed. While they are part and parcel of working out on the pole, they can also make it hard to actually do your workout. Difficult, but not impossible. Sweaty palms are something every pole dancer has to deal with so there are ways to deal with this minor inconvenience. Read on to find out how.

1. Improve Your Grip Strength


A little sweat can’t stand in the way of a solid grip. This makes improving your grip strength is one of the best ways to combat sweaty hands. To do this, simply keep practicing! The more you keep doing your pole routine, the stronger your grip strength will become.

Other ways to increase grip strength:

  • A grip strength trainer (available at most sporting good stores)
  • A stress ball
  • A tennis ball

2. Get a Grip Ad


Rosin. Liquid chalk. These are both great products to reduce sweaty palms. They won’t make up for a lack of grip strength (so be sure to work on that), but they can give you an edge so you can crush yoru Fireman spin with confidence.

3. Clean Your Hands & Pole


This is the most obvious way to get a better grip. Use a clean, dry cloth and wipe off your hands and then the pole. Microfibre towels are best, but any hand towel will usually do the trick.

4. Don’t Moisturise Before Class


You may love your hand lotion, but give it a hard pass before class. These creams and lotions are soaked into your skin and can be pushed back out when you sweat. It doesn’t matter if your hands feel dry a couple hours after hours after you apply your lotion: it’s still there, so save it for after class.

Not being able to do your workout because of sweaty palms is a thing of the past thanks to  these tips. Put them to use and own the pole!