Top 7 Tips to Crack GATE Exam in First Attempt

Crack GATE Exam

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the entry level examination to get an admission into the postgraduate (P.G) courses of the most prestigious colleges in India. These institutes are centrally funded by the Indian government. The GATE examination for is organized by IIT Guwahati.

This examination is taken by ambitious graduate level students and the competition increases year on year to make the best selection of students.

Listed below are the key pointers that one should consider for GATE preparation;

1. Analyze the Paper Pattern

The GATE examination is conducted through a single paper. This paper constitutes of 65 questions, offering 100 marks for the duration of 3 hours (180 minutes). The question paper consists of the multiple choice and numerical answer type questions.

2. Prepare in accordance with the Syllabus

The aspirant should target to study the entire syllabus rather than focusing on selected topics. For smooth preparation, the candidate should make a timetable to study and cover all the subjects defined in the syllabus.

3. Read and Refer the Standard Textbooks

Prepare and practice all the subjects, thereby considering at least one standard textbook for a particular subject. This will help the student to cover the entire syllabus as marked by the examining authorities.

4. Practice Quizzes and Test Series

A student should work hard to understand the basic concepts in order to solve the related problems and numerical questions. Once completed with a particular topic, the student can take quizzes and GATE online test series. This provides instant access to the scores and feedbacks that should be taken into consideration for improvement.

5. Preparation Time and Working Strategy

The student must plan and devote time to study all the subjects. This includes allocating more time for a subject which is difficult to understand. A student can make a topic by topic study routine to study hard and practice regularly on the related questions. It is suggested that a student working thoroughly for 4 to 6 months can easily secure a position in the IISc or IITs.

6. Make Short and Precise Revision Notes

It is easy to revise short and catchy notes covering the important pointers and formulas. The GATE preparation in the final phase must include the revision of the entire course in order to recall all the covered concepts, methods and examples.

7. Test and Analyze your Performance with GATE Mock Test

The aspirant should take a mock test quizzes and practice previous or sample papers in order to analyze the competitive preparations and scores. This will help them to identify the area of improvement in order to amend the study plan for the respective subject. The students can also appear in GATE online test series designed for different engineering courses.

The candidates preparing for GATE examination must work hard and smart to score well in the final paper. Meanwhile, can take GATE Mock Test, online quizzes and more to score more and secure a safe position among other aspirants.