Common Dental Procedures You Might Need to Get

Dental Procedures
Dental Procedures

Right off the bat, our dental hygiene is crucial in evaluating, sustaining, and rehabilitating our oral health. Although the symptoms of oral diseases and dental problems might not be easy to assess, the diseases are nonetheless very dangerous, painful, and sometimes fatal.

It’s safe to say that even when you get something as common as bad breath, you might be developing something as serious as oral cancer without being aware of it. There are many cases of people developing diseases and problems, from minor issues of cavities to losing teeth due to too much damage.

The main problem of it all is that they’re either not aware of it or they’re just getting used to the pain and avoiding dental check-ups, even when the best dental clinic in Dubai isn’t that expensive or time-consuming. 

There are some cases that happen regardless whether you take care of yourself or not. However, the ratio of these cases is far lesser than those that involve negligence and carelessness. Having said that, here are a few dental procedures you’re very likely to get:

Extraction and Removal

The most common dental procedure that everyone needs to get a few times is tooth extraction or removal. Starting from childhood, when the baby teeth become loose and make way for permanent teeth, you need to undergo a dental extraction treatment.

Moreover, when you sustain an injury that causes the tooth to become fractured, chipped, or damaged beyond repair, it needs to be removed. Furthermore, it’s essential to get it at the right time before the damaged tooth causes problems for the other teeth or jaw surrounding it.

Implants and Crowns

One thing is certain whenever you lose teeth; you need to get it replaced. That’s because it’s a serious problem to have missing teeth in your mouth. These gaps in the mouth can become responsible for a lot of damage and further complications. Not only can they cause chewing and eating problems along with faults in eating patterns, but it can also cause a misalignment in the jaws.

This is where implants and crowns come in. To put it simply, dental implants are the artificial roots that resemble the shape and texture of screws that are implanted in the mouth. This process requires a dental surgeon to make sure that the implants are of the right size and in the right position. Next, the process of osseointegration comes into play which makes the implant imitate a natural tooth root.

Eventually, the implant becomes part of the jawbone that is now going to host a dental crown, which is an artificial tooth ‘cap’ that is placed on top of a dental implant. These crowns are made of porcelain, gold or other materials and sometimes even combinations of more than one.

The ideal dental crown resembles the color and shape of the naturally occurring tooth. The more aesthetically appealing the dental crown, the more satisfied people are with the overall procedure.  


People who have crooked or misaligned teeth are bound to face more than just confidence problems. This eventually leads to improper eating and chewing patterns that eventually cause the jaw to become misaligned. The resultant image of the patient becomes an unpleasant face with the upper and lower jawbones being away from each other.

This problem requires dental expertise in order to make the upper and lower jaws come in line to form the perfect bite. To achieve this, dentists recommend that patients get braces in order to push the outer teeth inside. This also takes care of teeth that lean away from each other or have gaps between them.


Not all damaged teeth need to be replaced, at least not when there’s a chance to repair or fix them. The process of fixing or mending slightly chipped or fractured teeth is called bonding. The way this works is that once dentists conduct their analysis and figure out the problem, they mix some materials together to make a paste. This paste is then applied to the crooked teeth to keep them from rotting, eroding, or becoming the host for cavities and other dental problems.

The paste that is applied on the teeth is often made from a mixture of composite resin which is a type of plastic. Dentists try to make sure that the resultant mixture resembles the color of naturally occurring teeth.


It is another procedure that is used to repair and fix broken, chipped, or fractured teeth. Veneers are thin but strong pieces of porcelain that are made to bond with the teeth. This process is great for teeth that are suffering from decay or erosion as well. The process of veneers in Dubai can also be used for cosmetic purposes as they can be contoured to match or improve the mouth’s overall appearance.