Christmas Around the World: 6 Countries of Christmas


“Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection of love, joy, and happiness.” One of the grand festivals Christmas is an amazing time to make your loved one happier close to your heart. In this happiest occasion of the winter season, Christmas gifts work as a heart-stealer and steal the heart of your favorite people. Nothing is better than this time to make them feel adored and loved. As it’s the most wonderful time and celebration of spreading joy, people honor it beautifully all over the world and with great enthusiasm. 

 Christmas is far more than a religious festival. Celebrated around the world in many ways, people of all religions and beliefs have embraced Christmas rituals or traditions. While sending Christmas cake, let your loved ones know about how different countries celebrate Christmas. This article talks about 5 countries of Christmas that everyone should know! 

Germany –

This is the country responsible for the origin of Xmas trees, as devout Christians began the ritual in the middle Ages. Typically, the Xmas tree is brought into the home on the Eve of Christmas and is secretly decorated by parents for young children. Germans spend the afternoon and evening decorating home, visiting the church, eating traditional dishes, and buying. Christmas presents. People of German exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, rather than on Christmas Day.


Christmas Eve is the most important moment over the festive season in Poland, as this is when the main celebratory meal is consumed. There is a tradition that a family does not eat until the first star has appeared in the sky. 12 different dishes are served as Catholics say these dishes represent Jesus’s 12 disciples and believe this will provide good luck for the next 12 months.


Somewhat unusually, Russians celebrate Christmas festival on January 7th every year, with only some Catholics choosing to mark the celebration on December 25th. The reason is, the Russian Customary church uses an older calendar – known as Julian for holy and religious festivals. New Year’s tends to be a more critical time of year, as this is when Grandfather Frost presents lovely to the children.

Japan –

The festivity of Christmas is not celebrated in Japan as a religious festival but an honor to spread happiness. Japanese have taken a lot of traditions from the West, as Christmas is a new concept for them. Fried and preserved chicken is the most popular meal for their people to eat on Christmas Day, so restaurants like KFC take orders in advance.


like many European countries, gifts are opened on Christmas Eve in Norway. Christmas gifts not only given by Julenissen or Santa Claus but also delivered by his small gnomes. Norway is identified for gifting a large Xmas tree to the UK every year, which is placed by UK people in Trafalgar Square. This is a sign of “Thank You” as the UK help during World War-2. While people send Christmas cakes, Norway is celebrating Christmas Eve with celebrating the relation with Uk.

Spain –

Spanish eat their main festive meal at the celebration of Christmas before midnight La Misa Del Gallo. It consists typically of turkey stuffed with truffles, but in north-west Spain, seafood is a more popular dish. Later than, people hold torches and play instruments through the streets at the festival. This is a lovely way to celebrate festive happiness that the people of Spain do every year!   

Each one of these above countries has fascinating Christmas traditions – even those that haven’t been keeping it for that long! Wherever you are this Christmas 2019, we hope you loved this article and know about some interesting points. Christmas is a wonderful time when people send Christmas  flowers online with a lovely gift and wish their loved ones in a heart-winning manner. Same these countries celebrate your festive season 2019 with love in your own way and create the beautiful memories ahead with your precious ones. We wish to have a wonderful time and wish you all the best for the Merry Christmas.