What is Body Conditioning – A Complete Guide For Beginners

Body conditioning

The Fitness world is full of fancy words, phrases, and methods for a simple word like exercise. Now, you are here means you might have searched something like what is body conditioning? Right? No worries! We are here to help you out. This article is all about body conditioning complete guide for beginners like you. Body conditioning helps in maintaining and improving your fitness level.

What is Body Conditioning?

Body conditioning is all about setting your body to the utmost level of fitness by performing various exercises. Body conditioning ensures that each and every part of your body is worked upon. It includes a variety of exercises specially developed to target every part of the body.

Outcomes of body conditioning are flexibility, high muscle strength, perfect body posture, and a stable body. Endurance, enthusiasm, and energy are positive side effects of body conditioning. Exercises involved in body conditioning exercises are highly effective for overall health and body fitness. Do these exercises persistently to feel highly energetic and charismatic in your daily routine.

Exercises for body conditioning

Sweat out hard and make your body more flexible and powerful by doing these exercises daily. These exercises will not only make you stronger physically but also will strengthen you mentally. If you are not really sure about exercises for body conditioning, then read the further write-up to know a few famous ones.

Prerequisites before doing exercises

Prerequisites before doing exercises
  1. Preferably choose the place in the vicinity of nature if not possible you can choose where you are comfortable.
  2. Take one exercise mat or yoga mat and spread it over the smooth surface.
  3. Keep the water bottle and smooth towel as they come in very handy during or after your exercise.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Why mountain climbers?

Body conditioning exercise should include exercises that contribute to conditioning the full body.
In this exercise, every part of the body feels stress and that makes mountain climbers the first choice for body conditioning.

How to do it?

  1. Make a body plank keeping your spine straight in posture.
  2. Bring your right knee close to the chest.
  3. Later, push the same leg to its original position.
  4. Now, bring your left knee close to the chest.
  5. Again, take the same leg back to the original position.

Do it continuously for a minimum of 60 seconds for beginners, if you have the practice you can extend it for 90 seconds.

Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps

Why squat jumps?

Squat jumps are mostly preferred for the conditioning of the lower part of the body. It strengthens your thighs and brings them into proper shape.

How to do it?

Try to take jumps as easily as possible.

  1. Keep your legs wider than your shoulder length, and stand in the same position.
  2. Easily go down to the squat position.
  3. Then, jump up.
  4. Make sure that you engage your lower body as well as your core while jumping up while extending your arms up.
  5. Do it at least 10 times in one time.

For beginners, it is quite challenging, you can start with 5 times, and then gradually you can increase frequency.

Lateral Lunges

Lateral lunges are the multipurpose body conditioning exercise. Specifically, it targets legs, thighs, glutes, and hips.

How to do it?

  1. Keep your two feet wide apart at the same distance as your shoulders.
  2. Now, make your one foot stick firmly to the floor, as you are going to take your hips and glutes to the side of your firm feet.
  3. Now, slowly lower your hips down and press them gently while keeping the other leg straight.
  4. Again, come back to the initial position and repeat the steps to the opposite side.

Try to do lateral lunges 10 times in 60 seconds. Note that, this exercise will create high strain in your hips and thighs so do it according to your body type and capability. The best idea is to increase the frequency gradually over the period to avoid physical injuries.

Benefits of body conditioning exercises

All these exercises are anaerobic exercises, which should be a vital part of your daily routine for overall well-being.

  1. It builds muscles and powers the bones.
  2. It burns extra calories.
  3. Regulates blood flow.
  4. It builds flexibility.
  5. It smoothens the breathing process.

Bottom Line

Exercising and working out is undoubtedly cool. It changes your life for the better. But before you start working out test your body. Above mentioned exercise needs a little flexible, strong, and healthy body. Don’t just read and start doing it. These exercises can injure your body parts.

If you feel discomfort while doing it visit a consultant or physician regarding exercise methods and your routine. Also, make sure that you are well hydrated the whole day. Have only a healthy diet. Include fruits, leafy vegetables, and sprouts in your diet. More importantly, consistency is important. Don’t just do exercises on any random day for a longer time and another day nothing. It will not generate any outcomes. Just be consistent, you will get desired results.