Bidding Adieu: When is it Time to Take Down a Tree?

Take Down a Tree

With the rise in global warming, it is high time for us to understand the importance of preserving nature and its beauty, where the trees play the most important role. Plants have numerous benefits in enhancing nature’s beauty. It is also beneficial to have plants and trees around the boundary of your property.

Like any other lifecycle, saplings start growing into trees and become a part of our beautiful nature. It is definitely important to keep an eye on their growth and wellbeing, because if a tree is undernourished, it may weaken and thereby causing severe damage to nature, people and/or property. If a tree dries and the leaves start falling off then know that its time to say goodbye. However, always go for an expert’s suggestion that can save the life of the tree by preventing unnecessary removal. A professional arborist will guide you through the process of tree removal in Orange County.

Signs that your tree might need to be removed

It is always advised that one should be observing the symptoms closely to understand when it is the right time for tree removal. A tree having feeble branches, misshapen or discolored leaves, dried up roots and trunk is preferably the one best suited for bidding adieu.

The prime indication of an unsafe tree is the dried up and dead bark and branches, a cracked trunk, appearance of fungus or mushrooms popping out from the base, and leafless dead branches in the upper crown. If you find that the decay or damage is more than 50% then it is safe to opt for tree removal.

At times, your beloved plants struggle with their growth process and suffer from faded foliage or a hollowed trunk. A tree that has leaned to one side can also be alarming. It may also get hazardous when a tree is growing into power lines.

How An Expert Can Help You?

Before cutting it down wholly, it is advised to preferably seek advice from a certified arborist and trim a few branches as a last resort to try and save the tree. In any of the above-stated scenarios, the interference of an arborist and attainment of a professional and appropriate solution is a must. You can choose from one of the many professional tree removal services in Orange County and chalk out a plan with them that suits you the best.

A certified arborist will first inspect the tree and evaluate the criteria for complete tree removal. Alternatively, he can also suggest a remedy to save your plant along with a rate chart that will help you to calculate the expenses to process further.

It is advised to never try and remove a tree by yourself as it can result in hurting yourself due to the lack of knowledge, training, and proper tools and machinery. Following a DIY video on tree removal can end up on a mishap that could have been easily avoided with the assistance of an arborist. It goes without saying that a licensed, knowledgeable, insured and certified arborist from Orange County will deliver the job much safer and with the utmost professionalism.

Importance of Tree Removal

It is absolutely heartbreaking when we find out a dead tree in our yard that has to be removed. Once a tree dies out, it becomes dangerous with its hanging branches which have become frail and can fall off at any point in time with a heavy storm and cause dreadful damage to your property, house or people. Stormy weather is not only the main factor for the fall of the tree or its branches but a dead tree can tumble off on their own due to weakened roots and body.

Preventive measures

To avoid tree removal, trim your trees at regular intervals. It will give them a healthy life. The most suitable time to trim plants is during the late winter which is also known as the dormant season for plants. Pruning the branches at this time of the year, heals the wound faster and keeps the tree strong.

While non-blooming shrubs, conifers, and summer blooming plants are ideal to prune in late winters, the trees and shrubs that bloom in the spring need to be trimmed post they bloom. Although you can perform this act at any time of the year as well by just trimming back the small branches, removing the dead or infected branch and can lightly shape up the conifers and hedges.

If you look forward to the safe removal of your dying or unhealthy plant, just call up the tree removal in Orange County for the best advice and help to complete the work with their expertise. You can book an appointment with them before each summer storm and winter snowfall to inspect the health of your trees and for preventive measures.