5 Qualities To Look Upon For Appointing Android Developers

In recent years, we have witnessed a boundless growth of mobile users across the world. Smartphones are in great demand which means there is a great scope for mobile apps. These apps serve the people various purposes such as entertainment, shopping, daily planning, booking movie tickets etc. One cannot imagine even a single day without these mobile apps. Android apps are the most popular among all mobile apps.

Android has occupied a majority market share in the app market. Android apps are being used by a lot of people and businesses for a variety of different things. The Android app is still the most popular choice for businesses.

Additionally, Android apps can help in the growth of a business. It can allow any business to interact with the customers and also reach out to a wider audience. It also can assist in getting more leads and conversions which, eventually,result in more sales.

So, today in this blog, we are going to mention why you should opt Android for your mobile app development, qualities to look for while hiring an Android app developer, and things to consider when appointing a dedicated developer.

Mobile App Development

Why To Choose  Android Apps For Mobile App Development?

There are various reasons for anyone to go for the android apps over the IOS apps.

  1.  As of the data of 2021, Android is the most widely used mobile platform in the world, with a 74.45 percent share of the global smartphone operating system market.
  2. Compared to other operating systems, the majority of applications can be downloaded for free and are easily accessible on the playstore.
  3. Developers  must use a Mac to create IOS apps, but this is not the case with Android. Mac, Windows, and Linux are all options for creating Android applications.
  4. The open working model of Android, as well as the easy availability of resources, make it extremely simple and quick to develop apps on the platform.
  5. Android is a great platform for customizing because it is open source.

As now you are convinced of choosing Android app development for your business, let us look at the five qualities to look for while you decide to hire app developers India

Appointing Android Developers, Look For These 5 Qualities

Android developers with these 5 qualities can help you in the best way in developing your Android app successfully.

1)  Strong Portfolio

It is often good to hire an Android developer who has already had experience and created an app that is similar to or superior to the one you are suggesting. The portfolio can help you in the most effective way to assess a developer’s skills. It reflects their dedication and expertise.

2)  Track Record Of Success

It is a good idea to appoint an android developer who has exceptional  best feedback or testimonials from his past clients. If he already did the best work in the past, then he will also do his best for you.So, you must have an experienced developer who works best for you. 

3)  Technical Expertise

Always conduct an interview with the developer to know about his expertise and technical knowledge. The best android app developers know how to code in every programming language needed to finish the project. Plus, they must be aware of the latest android app development trends so that you will get the latest and up -to-date android app for your business.

4)  Quality-Oriented

The most skilled Android developers are concerned not only with innovation but also with product accuracy. The app’s efficiency can be evaluated using its loading time, effectiveness, usability, security, interactivity, and user interface. Before releasing an Android version to the Play Store, frequently check to see if it has been thoroughly tested and retested.

5)  Post-Launch Assistance

The best way to hire an Android developer for your project is if they offer to finance the app until it is released. The Google Play Store has rejected a few Android applications because they did not meet their requirements. An app’s launch can bring about a variety of issues, so an Android developer or a mobile app development company needs to provide support before the app is successfully completed.

Factors to Consider While Hiring Android Developers

Here are some factors you should consider while you proceed to hire Android developers India for your project.

Inquire About The Team Of Developers

It has been seen many times that companies hire freelance app developers and do not disclose the details to the clients. So, it would be better if you get in contact with mobile app development companies which provide Android developers for hire, and inquire about the members of the team.

Don’t Fall In The Low-Cost Trap

There is an old saying that ‘Nothing best comes at a low cost’. Many companies try to quote you the best app development services at very low cost, but the quality of the final result may not be up to the mark. You must be careful about this trap and should not fall for the sweet words.

Privacy Agreements Are Must

You should not begin working with the developers until they have signed privacy and non-disclosure agreements. The security of sensitive business data should never be compromised at all costs. In addition, one should safeguard the app’s property rights to prevent future inconsistencies.

Ask About Version Control

It is not necessary to be familiar with the specifics of version control, but it is essential to keep track of any changes that might go wrong. You need to have faith in the abilities of the developers because they are well-versed in all the most recent versions.

Mobile apps fall into three main categories: hybrid, Android, and iOS. A hybrid app uses the same code but is not the common app for both devices. You have to pay quite a higher amount to the developer who can build versions for both Android and iOS. An Android or iOS app costs less than a hybrid app. But it’s a single app that works well on both Apple and Samsung.

Make Sure To Make Understand Your Business Model

It is obvious to have some common issues during the development process. But these can be easily solved by the app developer. The only condition is that they must have a proper understanding of your business model. Detailed study of your model would help the developers build the app that is up to your expectations.


Skilled Android developers are not easy to come by, particularly those who share your vision.Your app completely depends on the developers you are appointing, so choose wisely. But,if you are not confident with the hiring process, then you can even get in touch with the android app development agency to hire dedicated developers India to build the android app for your business.