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Reasons Why Flutter is Better for App Development

Flutter App Development

The matter is simple. Yet, you don’t want to get confused by this common misunderstanding. Users and developers mistakenly mix elements of two different comparisons. The first comparison is between developing with or without Flutter or similar technologies. And the second comparison is developing with Flutter technologies or similar technologies. Are you confused already? No, they are not the same. Read it once again! Here are the two comparisons we are discussing today again: 

  1. Why Programming is Easier with Flutter
  2. Why Flutter Precisely 

Why Mobile App Programming is Easier with Flutter 

As discussed earlier, you don’t want to confuse both comparisons while making your decisions. However, there are pros and cons to everything. And here is the information related to the comparison between developing with and without Flutter. We will discuss the following ideas: 

  • One Code, One UI 
  • Fewer Issues, Less Maintenance 
  • Better Image 
  • Technical Independence 
  • Lower Costs

One Code, One UI

Developers choose to embrace the technology of Flutter to avoid the need for multiple versions of everything related to their mobile apps. Any successful app would want to appear in the App store and Google play store. And that comes at a cost that you might have known. It will remain expensive and an obstacle to any developing business, regardless of size. In the best case scenario, a developer will bear double the cost to put their app in the other operating system’s store. And the problem would only get more complex when a company invades more markets(Stores). 

Flutter (By Google) and similar technologies appeared as a business solution for mobile app developers. It simply eliminates all problems related to this matter. If you use Flutter, you don’t have separate versions of your mobile applications (Android & iOS). And that’s because you will base your UI on one code for all operating systems. Flutter is a handy kit with tons of widgets. And all of them are customizable and will compile perfectly to any operating system. 

Flutter Will Have Fewer Issues, Less Maintenance 

Flutter will reduce your mobile apps’ negative testing results to 50%, at least if you plan to place your mobile app in both iOS App Store and Google Play Store. And you can add 25%s to this 50% if you place your mobile app in more stores/systems, such as Windows, Linux, etc. And that’s because of the same reason discussed earlier in the previous section of this article. You will need one code for the UI of your mobile application when you decide to develop with Flutter. Does it make sense? That will reduce errors, bugs, and all conflicts related to the compatibility of operating systems, device screens, etc. After all, a developing company will benefit from the one-code technology in many ways. And having fewer problems is one of them. 

Developing with Flutter is a Better Image for Developers

Clients will prefer those who can produce mobile apps to list in both markets, even if they intend to place their mobile app in only one of them! That will happen because they unconsciously assume that a developer who can list in both markets must be better! 

Embracing Flutter or any similar approach will take your developing business to the next level. Being in this market for a while taught each developer that the appearance of the two icons “Download from App Store” and “Download From Google Play” will take their business to the next level. Yet, having two teams, two database sources, two backends, pairs, and two of everything is too much to handle for many businesses. 

Embracing Flutter is Technical Independence

Ok, let’s contact the iOS/Android people. We all say that, right? Companies will struggle to compile changes, updates, major bugs, and related matters when they have two versions of a medium (Not even complex) mobile app. Sometimes there are these cases when everything should work as it does on the other version(s), but it just doesn’t! Many problems related to these matters will vanish when a developer embraces Flutter! They will never need to call the iOS/Android team(s) or department(s). 

Flutter Development Costs Less

When contacting a mobile app development company you should also keep in mind the price. There is no need to argue many reasons regarding this matter. Remember when we discussed having at least 50% negative testing results with Flutter? Don’t you think that that is another percentage that goes down for the costs too? And that is only one fact. Let us consider the costs and expenses while recapping all Reasons Why Flutter is Better for App Development:

  • One Code is Less Cost. You will need one code. One version of your mobile application for iOS/Android. That is less costly. 
  • Fewer Issues. That will lead to fewer problems in your mobile application. Solving fewer problems is paying fewer expenses and costs. 
  • Better Image. Do not underestimate the impact of your reputation on the price you see on everything! Do you want proof? Would you give a discount to Microsoft if they consider hiring you?! 
  • Technical Independence. Flutter is there to save developers from the hustle of being bilingual!  
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