4 golden SEO strategies to get optimum result in search engine

SEO is not just a cup of tea for everyone. You try hard but don’t actually see any result. You don’t even want to spend huge money on SEO services. What should you do then? Find these gemstone for successful result in SEO. Know these affordable seo strategies and techniques.

With times SEO tend to change its rules based on the updates of the search engines. But the basic thing remains the same. Are you struggling with your site’s traffic. No one is giving any importance to your service? Are you failing again and again in doing your SEO? Chances are you are neglecting some gemstones for a successful result in SEO.

SEO is a slow process and you need to calmly lay your strategies. If you are not successfully getting the result, chances are you are doing something wrong without following the basic structure.

See, it’s really easy! In this post, I will talk about the 4 golden rules/strategies to lift your website instantly on the first page no matter what search engines you are targeting for. Let’s get straight away to some seo strategies and techniques that are sure to give a huge bump on your traffic.

  1. On-SERP SEO- give importance but keep your targeted audience in mind

I will explain it as much simple as possible!

If you really want to get a good result of your brand through SEO, you need to understand some important aspects.

I have seen people writing content for search engines. Thrusting the density of the keywords, putting up ALT tags, meta description, showing search engines where your sitemap is, and all that you do for your SERP.

There’s nothing wrong in it. But if you read your own article which is written solely on the basis of SERP, would that be fine for your customers too?

Hit the line? That’s where you are doing it completely wrong. We have been given SEO guidelines so that we know about how these SERP works. When people find something on the internet, how they should be receiving their result, is what we know from the SEO guidelines.

If you are a diehard follower of SERP rules and norms, chances are you will miss every 3 out of 5 customers for your brand.

What i mean to say is, create content for the people and not only for SERP. Keep the guidelines in your mind but see through the eyes of your readers. Why your customer would be even interested in buying your products if it sounds BORINGGG!

Be creative! Be interesting! When your targeted audience starts to enjoy your content which makes it a good sign for your own benefit.

One click would convert another click through rate and this way, you have crossed one stair.

The next question is how you should perform SEO campaigns for different niche!

Keep these in your mind before jumping to anything else:

  • If your brand is specific to a location- prefer creating an account in “Google My Business” which will manage your location and wills ort out the results based on the specified area.
  • Don’t ignore image-based paid advertisement. In case you’re a retail brand, match up your organic endeavors with your paid/PLA (Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are image-based paid advertisements for specific products (or SKUs) that appear in the SERPs ) keyword to see where you convert well and increment your visibility for your traditional organic listings. You will get an idea about all your customers from where you can pinch them for further ads based on their interest.
  • Create video content. Videos are really powerful and gets straight into the minds of your targeted audience. Create impressive and valuable contents.
  • If you are a publisher, use AMP. If you aren’t a publisher, try AMP on your blog/articles.
  • Try to understand and comprehend the knowledge graph for your brand.
  • Running a local business? Use Google Posts.
  • Use the Twitter for your business.
  • Talk to influencers and get them to promote your brand.
  • If you can’t win organically for long-tail keywords, look at what your competitor’s sites are winning for those terms and see if you can buy ads on those sites.

Did you get my point? Don’t just write for SERP. write like a pro! Letting SERP know that your blog/service will be the best result to show to your respected audience, while on the same hand, letting your users know that they can get everything from your blog/service and that they need to visit you again and again.

2. Write Articles/Blog Posts That Answer Questions & Solve Customer Problems

London seo agency works like a pro in understanding the demands and needs of their clients and thus work on the basis of their choices.

When you are writing for the people, you should never neglect their issues/ problems.

Not everyone search in Google and get satisfied with their questions. People like me also search in Q/A platforms/forums to get a more detailed answers.

In fact, this is the result why Quora and other platforms are gaining popularity in today’s fast speeding internet. I still remember a lady wanted to query for some “vegan options for dogs”. Her search query was slowly increasing from three words to four, five and then six words.

The query was something like this-

“Vegan options for female labrador dogs aged 2 years”

I saw the frustration on her eyes not being able to get full satisfactory answer from SERP. she threw her phone at once and shouted on me blaming everyone she is touched with at that time.

I then simply took those keywords and threw it on Q/A forums where people talk about their dogs and their lifestyle.

Did you know what happened next?

She got tons of perfect replies from a lot of people who even shared pictorial charts of lab’s vegan diet.

She saved every articles and bookmarked it.

So, what did you learn from this lesson? People like her not always find better answers in search results. They shift to those articles/blogs that will answer or solve their queries.

Plus, you get a bonus point for solving a query because your traffic is increasing from that queried result.

The best way to do this is to keep yourself in the side of your customers and then ponder over the points that being a customer what you need or what you expect.

3. The Technical Health of Your Site

Speed up your site!

No one likes a slow website. Just take it in this way, you are seriously for a chart on paleo diet and you clicked on a website that clearly shows the title and description as “paleo diet.”

Your bad luck starts when you find your cursor is still loading, swirling your head round.

You would instantly leave the site.

In fact, 95% people does that. A slow website is not even supported by any search engines.

Search for tools that works best for your website.

Common issues to look out for while speeds auditing your site:

  • Page Speed
  • Mobile-Friendliness
  • Duplicate Content/Elements
  • JavaScript/Rendering Issues
  • Index Bloat
  • Overbearing Security

4. Giving not so importance on the voice search

You must have heard people talking about- voice winning over typing!

No! My dear! Don’t play with your SEO campaigns based on voice search. The methodology of this voice search is something that can not be laid on something which will enlighten up your website.

Everyone knows that Google is paying attention on voice search in 2019. And if you hurriedly work on your site based on the voice search, you will fail.

There is no such win win trick on voice search. Try out affordable seo agency and get your result instantly on your website.

Then why Google is giving importance to voice search if I should not be placing it on my priority list?

The answer is, the voice search all started up based on the ideology that we can speak much faster than when we type something. This will make the search result work more faster but this isn’t the thing.

When you think about the delivery mechanism of voice search, the logic is totally flawed. You can’t pronounce very word with the accent that the AI would understand, resulting in you will get frustrated after some time.

You will then get down to your hands and will have to apologize to them in order to ditch you while searching something on internet. Jokes apart! This voice search should not be taken too seriously. May be give your 5% of the entire SEO campaigns..

Author Bio: Sanjiv Barnwal is associated with a reputed SEO agency in London  and has great expertise in improving organic search result of companies on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. He loves to write articles and blogs on different topics. His great works include – how to write informative blogs on SEO, how to do successful Instagram marketing, why online marketing has gained immense popularity in the recent years and much more. He finds great interest in creating and launching SEO, Pay Per Click and Facebook campaigns. He has even worked on certain areas of improvement for optimizing site content and improving the ranking of DubSEO on major search engines.