The Chardham yatra in Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful and demanding expeditions of the Himalayan range. According o Hindu mythology it is believed that it changes a person spiritually from inside and make them a better version of themselves. However, planning a Chardham yatra is not an easy task. It requires proper planning, resources, and knowledge to make this expedition a successful and memorable one. Therefore to make things more sorted the following tips are going to make your Chardham Yatra trouble free.

  1. PROPER PLANNING-  It is essential to start planning 2,3 months prior visiting the temple in a small diary all the essential and important things to do must be noted to avoid chaos. It can be started out by knowing the best time to visit. The yatra usually begins in may and ends in October-november. The peak month however to visit is the month of September when the scenic beauty and fresh weather makes the visit more cheerful. It is important to avoid the months of june,july where heavy rains may cause road situations which makes it difficult to travel. Also during the month of May a lot of discomforts is observed due to the summers and a huge crowd.
  2. BOOK A PROPER TRAVEL AGENCY:- This tip is very essential for foreign travelers. People who are new or have no idea about this location should either find someone among the family who have earlier visited the destination or hire a reliable tour guide. A tour guide would help out with proper directions, routes and rest of the visit. Along with proper guidance, they look out after accommodation, nearby areas to visit with proper guidance. However, it must be noted that the tour guide should be reliable and genuine and not a hoax. Proper information and reviews on the tourist guide are a must to ensure safety.

3)PROPER MEDICATION:- The journey is a 12 day long and tiring so it is best advised to carry some medications. It need not be some heavy ones but the general ones for stomach aches, vomiting, headaches, and nausea. Ailing creams and creams for pains in joints and the body make it more relieving.

4)PHYSICAL FITNESS:- proper medication is a must as everyone might get a little bit of sick.but what’s more important is to check if you are physically fit before going on the yatra. Health recommendations of oneself along with those going is a very important part. People with diabetes, cardiac arrest, and blood pressure issues must get proper treatment or consult doctor while planning their visit.

5)DO NOT CARRY HEAVY LUGGAGE:- The journey is long. It is advised to only carry essentials as heavy luggage may make it troublesome. The necessitated items should be taken avoiding the ones which are unnecessary.

6) CARRY WINTER CLOTHES:- Necessary items should be carried which definitely includes winter woolen clothes. Uttarakhand does not usually experience heavy summer and it may get cold sometimes usually every day at night.it is impossible to beat the cold at light clothes so clothes which keep your arm should be carried along the journey.

7)CARRY DRY FRUITS:- Carrying dry fruits during any visit is important. Healthy packed food can also be stored for later use. food which can be prepared by boiled water is very helpful during these long expeditions. Dry raisins, nuts are handy and should be kept to regain energy.

8)CARRY EXTRA BATTERIES:-  Almost everyone likes to keep a memory of their visit in the form of pictures. If you are carrying a camera you should check out that you take pictures cautiously while not hurting other people’s emotions. Also, extra batteries should be carried to take tons of pictures without worrying about the battery.

9)STAY HYDRATED:- The Chardham Yatra involves a lot of traveling, trekking even sitting in the car and moving on to places can also be tiring. So it is important to drink lots of water. Sealed bottles or boiled water should be consumed to avoid health issues.

10)CARRY CASH:- the areas are remote so paying money through card can be cumbersome. So it is best advised to carry cash along with card as digital

transaction might not be available everywhere.

11)AVOID ALCOHOL AND OTHER DRINKS:- the Uttarakhand police fines people found carrying drugs, alcohol or some other forms of drinks. This place is sacred and to maintain the sanctity these items should be avoided.

12)TRAVEL IN GROUPS:- Some people like solo trips but for this, it’s better to go with friends or family. Any trouble might occur in a new place so it is better to have a companion.also they help you in getting better pictures of yourself.

I hope the above tips help you to get sorted on how to get ready for your Chardham yatra. It is a beautiful location visited by many. By proper planning and everybody cooperation in maintaining healthy attitude, the visit can be quite fun and adventurous.