10 Essential Tips to ride an electric scooter safely

The popularity of electric scooter has soared during the last few years. From adults to teen and even kids, a growing number of people are using this alternative mode of transportation for both travelling and leisure. They’re fun to ride but not without some risks. If you don’t follow the necessary safety tips, you might end up injuring yourself badly. This article offers you with the necessary electric scooter safety tips that can help you to stay safe.

10 Essential Tips to ride an electric scooter safely

Wear protective gears – safety is paramount while you’re riding your electric scooter. The best way to ensure that you’re safe is to wear a helmet and other gears that protect both the knee and elbow.

Ride Slow – There is a need to avoid riding at high speed so as to avoid any danger ahead. Ensure that you ride your electric scooter even slower when you’re near cars, pedestrians, or crowded locations. A speed of 20 km per hour or 12 miles per hour is considered okay for city riding.

Brake in time – In case you get obstacles, break in time and you can save yourself from danger. There are various electric scooters with multiple braking structures. However, we would suggest that you buy an electric scooter for commuting that has disc brakes as they’re more proficient than the electromagnetic one. Also, learn to use rear and front wheel effectively and know which one to use during an emergency.

Slowly take your turns – There may be an obstacle or looming danger in the corner and that’s why you’re advised to take slow turns. Taking sharp turns can may you to lose balance and fail. Therefore, maintain slow speed and avoid braking or accelerating in the middle of the turn as it may cause you to lose control.

Avoid riding on bad weather

Try to avoid riding in the rain and snow as it can be considered dangerous. The slippery grounds can make you to slide and fall. Also, the rain can damage your electric scooter. If it is a must that you ride in bad weather, try to maintain slow speed, brake in time, and take your turns very slowly.

Avoid Stunts

Many riders may be tempted to try some stunts such as jumping over a curb as they see on YouTube. The stunts can make you to fall badly and injure yourself. Also, avoid riding with one hand. It is advisable that you avoid doing any form of stunts and maintaining a correct position when you’re riding holding the handle with two hands.

Focus on your surroundings

There are many distractions on the road that can make you to lose focus while riding a scooter. Always ensure that you focus on the road and observe the surrounding without sacrificing your attention. Focusing on your surrounding can help you to prevent accidents.

Adhere to Rules and Regulations

There are rules and regulations that guide how people drive in every city. Ensure that you adhere to any laid down rules and regulations. Also, observe traffic lights and respect other people and their right on the road to avoid creating issues.

One Person Only

There are temptations that you may have to ride with another person on your scooter. Resist such temptation as they can cause accidents. It is important that you note that these electric scooters are designed for one individual only. Also, it exposes the two of you to accidents and also destroying your scooter.

Use Lights when riding at night

Most scooters have a back and front light to help you ride at night. However, you can use extra reflective gear such as reflective vest and strip to increase visibility. There are numerous accidents that occur at night due to low visibility. Therefore, riding with lights can help drivers to see you at night and avoid causing accidents.

Final Thought

As highlighted, there are various safety measures you need to follow before you jump on an electric scooter. Riding an electric scooter is not a dangerous activity especially if you follow the tips offered in this article. There are other tips that you need to observe while riding an electric scooter but this are the most significant rules that will help you to reach your destination safely.