Why You Need Colored Cutting Boards

Food poisoning can keep you stuck in bed for days or worse, send you to the hospital. Your cutting board is a main source of contamination when infected food touches the other food you eat. Utilizing color coordinated cutting boards can prevent these and keep you healthy. Keep in mind to scrub each one thoroughly before putting them back into storage. Also, if your budget is too small to afford six different cutting boards, you only need one or two, one for meats and one for vegetables, fruits and other foods that can be eaten raw.

Green Board For Fruit and Vegetables

If you need to need to dice up carrots or chop an apple, you will need to choose your green cutting board. This one is meant for all of your fruits and vegetables. 

Red Board For Raw Meat

Slicing strips of steam should be done on your red cutting board. The red one is designated to raw meat. This is meant for beef, pork, Lambert and other types of meat.

Yellow Board For Chicken

Do you want to make fried chicken but need to slice it into pieces. You will want to choose your yellow cutting board for this job. It is made specific for raw chicken.

While Board For Dairy

Are you having guests over and you would like to put together cheese and crackers? You will want to use your white cutting board. This is the one designated for dairy products.

Blue Board For Cooked Meats

If you need to dice up prepared meat for a salad or to add to a meal, the blue cutting board is your best bet. The blue cutting board is meant for cooked meats.

Tan Board For Fish and Seafood

Although this board might be used rarely, your tan cutting board should be used to cut up seafood and fish.