Why Is My Paintball Gun Chopping Balls?

Best Paintball Guns

Paintballing is one of the most trending sports these days. Everyone is trying to make sure they are playing by following the best possible manner and suitable techniques. During the paintball fights, different types of conditions may appear.

All individuals have to make sure they are dealing with everything smartly.  

The most important factor is the gun. You should have the best paintball guns by which you can easily showcase your skills and dominate the complete battlefield quickly. Sometimes, the players have good guns, but they don’t know how to operate these properly. In

these conditions, you need to check out several factors like – how a paintball gun works, how does it function, how to manage the air pressure, what the right way of using it is, and much more. 

In some cases, users are facing issues regarding improper paintball delivery. In these conditions, the paintball starts breaking inside the gun instead of shooting another person. Everyone wants to get details about the correct reason behind such an issue. 

Top Reasons For Paintballs Chopping By Gun 

There are several reasons available by which your gun starts chopping the paintballs regularly. Here, you need to check out lots of things such as – different gun parts and their performance. Before start discussing the reasons, you should know some basic parts of the gun. 

Loader: it is the particular gun part that can assist you in loading or inserting paintball in the gun. The speed of the loader depends on manufacturing. Some loaders are working at high speed and some at low. 

Bolt: it is useful in shooting the paintballs quickly. Bolt is the part that hits a paintball inside the gun to fire it with full force. 

Now with the knowledge about these parts, you can understand the reason in a better way. 


Speed plays an important role in the functioning of a paintball gun. Similarly, it also impacts the condition of paintballs inside the gun. Speed can also be a big reason for paintball chopping. Sometimes, the speed of the marker and loader is not compatible. It directly affects the gun’s balance and creates issues with performance. As a result, your paintballs may start getting chopped inside. 

In case your bolt speed is high, and the loader’s speed is slow, then your bolt may hit the paintball in the half-loaded state. Consequently, the paintball gets chopped. 

Dirty Anti-Chop Eyes 

The anti-chop eye is a kind of sensor installed in the gun for managing all operations perfectly. When you pull the trigger, then it starts working. Mainly, its work is to notify the bolt when the paintball gets loaded successfully and ready to hit. It is also a big reason by which the best paintball guns take time to fire paintball after pressing the trigger. 

In case you do not keep your gun properly cleaned, then you can see some dirt on the anti-chop eye. Due to the availability of dirt, the sensor stops working. As a result, the sensor stops working and creates difficulties in setting up proper coordination. All these things are increasing the chances of paintball chopping. 

Here, it would help if you tried to schedule the cleaning tasks perfectly by which you can make things much better. Regular cleaning can help you in keeping the sensor cleaned and away from the dirt particles. 

Over Loading 

Some players are trying to be smart by overloading the gun. Here, they are trying to fill paintballs more than the actual capacity of the gun. It can be a great way to save time and keep the paintballs shooting regularly. If you focus on the consequences, then it can be bad as well. 

Overloading leads to several other issues like – unnecessary push to the paintballs. Due to this particular push, the paintballs may get loaded quickly as compared to the reaction of bolt and loader. In these types of conditions, paintball chopping is the most common situation. 

These are some major reasons for paintball chopping by the gun. After paying close attention to all these things, we can say it is not a big problem. In case the players are going to operate the gun smartly, and according to the expert’s instructions, then we cannot prevent it easily.