Why Blogging is Important and Essential for SEO


Blogging is one of the most important things you can do for SEO. All websites, irrespective of niche need to have a blog section and need to update it on a regular basis. It gives a good signal to Google that you are active and want to give users the latest information to your readers.

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So how to go about blogging for SEO? What are the steps you need to follow or what are the tips you need to know about to ace it and get sales and leads through SEO? As a leading SEO agency, India, we bring all of that in this post

Blogging Helps Interlinking

Interlinking different pages on your site is a very good ranking signal for Google. It helps link juice flow from your most relevant pages to pages that are deep inside your website. It also tells the crawler to go through the linked page and index it fast. Another advantage is that then you can use the anchor text of the links to tell Google what the page is about. Hence, you can do multiple things with interlinking. Blogging and fresh content help you regarding interlinking as you will have multiple opportunities to link different content.

Blogging Helps You Earn Quality Backlinks

If you ask any SEO professional about how to get backlinks, they will tell you it is through epic and diversified content. How do you get that diversified content? It is through blogging. If anyone finds your content organically and uses it on their own website as a reference, it will be a high-quality backlink. Many leading SEO blogs like Search Engine Land and Hubspot have researched this and have found that websites that have a blog earn 97% more backlinks than their counterparts who do not have a blog.

Blogging Increases Dwell Time

Dwell time is an important metric to gauge how effective your SEO strategy is. If users like the content on your site, they will stay on the site for longer. Adding a small list of recent blogs on the home page and other high traffic pages of your site can be used to increase the dwell time. If blog headings are catchy and relevant to the user, there are high chances that they will stick around and read that article. Lower bounce rate is also a critical ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. Fresh and relevant content helps in boosting that too.

Blogging Increases Your Brand Authority

If you speak constantly about a topic and all of them are factual, then it is easy to be an authority on that same topic. Blogs work in the same way. If you add factual information that you know a lot about, then the blog is bound to be a hit (Although you do have to make a bit of SEO effort) Increasing your authority and brand awareness is itself a big ranking factor according to Matt Cutts (Google has different ways to measure it). Hence, blogs are the number one way to increase reputability and brand awareness.

You Can Target Long-Tail Keywords With Blogs

Long-tail keywords account for the majority of the searches on Google but in reality, no one targets those because they are so hard to target. However, if you write expansive content that answers a lot of questions, then that is enough for Google to put your blog onto the first page for related long-tail keywords. Also, if you are a newbie and do not have the authority to take on bigger brands and websites, it is best to start ranking for smaller volume long-tail keywords and build authority in the eyes of Google. Hence, blogs can be a sure-shot way of doing that

You Can Use the Blog to Interact With Potential Customers

A blog can give your views and opinions about a set of topics. If it gains enough traction and people read it, some of them will definitely reply to it by commenting. You, as the admin can interact with it and showcase your knowledge on the topic. This can be a great way to impress your audience and then make them follow you. In the long run, it will lead to recurring visits to your site and a loyal consumer base.

All in all, blogging really is a win-win situation for website owners. We definitely suggest everyone to blog regularly as it can be a great factor in your SEO efforts.