What is Pharma Propaganda cum Distribution model?

Have you ever heard about pharma propaganda cum distribution (PCD) before? If not, then you have reached the right destination. Here, you will get to know what the PCD model is. Today, you will find many franchise business across the world runs under PCD concept. In the pharma industry, PCD is highly utilized for marketing and distribution rights.

Generally, PCD is the franchise business. Before knowing about PCD, it is important to understand what the franchise business is.  If the company gives permission to other company or person to sell their products by their name, then it is known franchising the business. The franchise usually works in the line with the work ethics and principle followed by the organization, which allows it.

The Pharma PCD Companies in India is rapidly growing because of its bright focused future. In fact, thousands of people across the world are stimulating towards this business. In most times, pharma companies grant permission to professional, distributors, and individuals to let them control over their products and trademarks. The entry, which is granted this permission, is called as a PCD or Pharma Franchise.

How PCD model works?

Since PCD is based on the business agreement between the seller and supplier, it is extremely vital to keep profitability at the top position on the priority list. In reality, the franchise model labels the responsibilities. This means the supplier either procure or produces the products. On the other hand, the franchise promotes as well as sells the products.

Along with this, all commercial aspects such as advertising strategy, promotional material, the share of profits, etc are defined in the contract of the franchise. Both the parties agree upon all these things. In the PCD pharma business, two parties are usually involved such as supplier and seller, and their responsibilities mentioned below:

  • Supplier (Manufacturing company, wholesaler, distributor, pharma marketing company, and C & F agent) –Promotional activities, investment in new product development & stocks, and branding & advertising
  • Seller (Sales professionals, retailers, distributors, and agencies)–Doctor’s expense, sales person’s expenses, and market investment

These are some of the major responsibilities, which may differ and extend from a franchise model to another.

Benefits of PCD pharma franchise company

Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of PCD Pharma Company to both pharma companies and business owners, which made it gain more popularity over the years.

  • Large profits
  • Low-risk factor
  • Low administrative costs
  • External risks from other franchise
  • Monopoly rights
  • Large profits
  • Target fewer sales
  • Promotional and marketing support


Because of the increased opportunities, PCD business model is one of the appropriate areas on which you can bravely invest your money without any kind of hesitation. In fact, this is one of the finest and reliable models of business in the present time because it reduces the risks associated with the pharma business. Without any need to depending on a particular brand or company, you can able to select multiple brands from the pharma industry.