What are the Top Places You Want to Travel and Why?

There must be some destinations in the world you want to travel to. I had a lot of fantasies and wishes to visit the destinations about those I always dreamt of. I want to admire Virikson Morocco Holidays that through them I started traveling and now I’m a professional traveler. I still have a lot of destinations in my queue which I have to travel in the next few years. I’m writing this blog to tell you about the best places to visit in 2020 according to my experience and of course the travelers’ favorite trends.

Top Holiday Destinations in the World for 2020:

A lot of places are there in the world of wonders you should visit. If you are a beginner and want to start traveling in 2020, here are some of the famous and ideal destinations you can start from.

Holiday Destinations in the World

Morocco, A Real World of Wonders:

Your experiences and observations differ but this is all based on my experiences and the observations looking into the growing traveling trends. Morocco I regard is an ideal place to celebrate the holidays for every level traveler.

We traveled to Morocco for the first time in 2018 and then frequently took the opportunity to visit its different places later. Marrakech is there to inspire you with the authentic traditional experiences. You will feel that you are actually in a land of wonders once you dreamt to visit. Marrakech has Djema el Fna, Old Medina, and other hot air balloon ride to inspire you.

The pleasures of Agadir are also very famous. Agadir is ready to excite your trip with a relaxing, calm and breezy environment and stunning landscapes to overview. I regard it as the best place to spend some time to de-stress your nerves.

Casablanca has its own Charm, it is also a coastal city of Morocco. Chefchaouen is different from other cities and has a unique aspect of Blue. People call it a blue jewel of Morocco. Actually, it is all blue, yes all the city is painted blue. Not a single plant pot is left unshaded. So take an opportunity to visit Morocco in your next Holiday Break and admire the beauties and unique, authentic aspects of the Holiday destination.

Turkey, A Good Old-Modern Match:

Turkey is an ideal Holiday destination having a collection of attractions for travelers who travel to the destination in a good number yearly. I visited Turkey in 2017 and then later in 2018 December. It was an amazing experience.

Istanbul welcomes you to explore the old Historical places, shopping malls, and the top-notch restaurants to sit and taste real Turkish tastes. Don’t miss to visit the Hagia Sophia Museum, a very visited Holiday destination, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi Palace Museum when you are in Istanbul.

Galata Bridge is also a worth visiting place in Turkey. The destination also owes a number of beach spots. You should visit the mesmerizing beaches and spend some relaxed time there.

Holiday Destination

Don’t miss visiting the very inspiring cities like Ankara, Antalya, Konya, and Bursa. If you take my compliment, I’m in love with Turkey and a great admirer. If you ask me to visit the destination on my next trip, I would love to name Turkey. It is the world’s beautiful historical, architectural and modern country.

France, A country of Love and Fragrances:

This notion is famous for Paris actually. But I admire France to owe such an inspiring capital. It is one of the loveliest, romantic holiday destination. I remember, we planned our Honeymoon in Paris but then canceled it for some reason. We then visited Paris in 2019 for the first time and enjoyed our very precious time together.

Be at the Shopping malls, Markets, and restaurants to have candlelight dinner. You should plan your Honeymoon holidays to a holiday destination like France. 

Be on the mesmerizing beach spots of Nice, a very popular city in France. Strasbourg is one of the other historical and very architectural city of France which travelers always want to visit. Also, visit Lille and Lyon. I’m sure you will enjoy your holidays in France as it is full of many festivities and attractions to make your experience a diverse one.

UAE, A perfect Fun Holiday Destination:

UAE is a common holiday destination every traveler wants to visit. My normal choice is to be in the deserts, malls, and beaches of UAE if I get a chance to make my weekend holiday something special.

You have an option to get into Burj el Khalifa, a very famous place in Dubai and a Must-visit one too. You will admire its beautiful overviews and great shopping experience. Be on the desert of Sharjah to experience the quadbike experiences.

It is said that the seven states of the UAE have seven different shades of Sands. This is amazing to explore. Lay on the loungers at the beaches of Dubai and other states. You will enjoy your every second on your UAE holidays.