What Are The Best places for Road Trips Around Delhi?

Road Trips Around Delhi?

Delhi is the capital city of India.Red Fort is the capital Symbol of India. and it is one of the most beautiful city in India.Delhi is the second Highest in population and also Known as second-wealthiest city and Second Largest urban area.delhi population is around 11 Million people. Delhi is the most Populated by air pollution and it causes to Deaths bout 10,500 people in  every year. Delhi has many beautiful and adventures places.so many people around the world will have a trip to delhi and enjoy their beautiful trips.Delhi is the city where worship of many religious and also many temples,mosques,churches,many religious worship gods are located.Delhi is named as first highest foreigners visitors in India and 28th place in the world.

As population Increases in India Their will be Many issues also will increases traffic issue is the major problem in Delhi Now a days delhi has become most polluted city .so people are very much tired of this issue.people are searching for alternate way to reduce this problem.

People are using public transport to travel there destinations.students,working people,old aged people are suffering by this pollution as pollution increases people health also effecting.

Delhi is the city where it contain many tourist places it is attracting the people by his beauty of his nature people can have a long road trips around Delhi there were many places to visit plan for a Road Trip by your own vehicle or rent a bike of favourite one with the reasonable cost and have wonderful experience with your loved ones.

Best Road Trip Places around Delhi


Road Trips Around Delhi?

Leh-Ladakh is the highest desert city in Himalayas and it the place where many buddhist people are staying and is the best place for trekking.Ladakh is the true heaven place in the world and many people around the India have there road trips to this Ladakh place so that people are dying to see this adventures places. Many people have their road trips with their group of friends and enjoy their trip with the most exciting places many tourist people are visiting to this place with their family and spend their valuable time around this place. Leh Ladakh is the place where you find many adventures things and many things to do around this place so don’t wait have a trip to ladakh and enjoy a trip with this place..

Road Trips Around Delhi?

2.Taj Mahal

Taj mahal is one of the ivory-white marble mausoleum is located on the southern bank of yamuna river in the Agra. Taj Mahal is built  by Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan for his wife Mumtaz Mahal. And it is the one of the seven wonders of the world.and it is known as the jewel of Muslim art in India. Around  7-8 Million people visit the Taj Mahal every year.It attracts the people by his beauty and nature.once in life have a visit to Taj Mahal and have a beautiful nature by you can have a Road Trip and have a pleasant trip with your loved ones.

Road Trips Around Delhi?

3.Bharatpur Bharatpur is the city in Rajasthan the city is situated 178 Km Away. The city is surrounded by many Tourist places as Lohagarh Fort, Fateh, Laxman Mandir, Bharatpur Palace, Deeg, Ganga Mandir, etc. Bharatpur is the best place to have a road trip and have an enjoyable trip with the best experience.

4.Mathura and Vrindavan

Road Trips Around Delhi?

Mathura and Vrindavan is the sacred cities in Uttar Pradesh of the birth place of  lord krishna. These places have many sacred temples. Prem Mandir is the huge temple and Famous temple with the many gods And we have many old beautiful temples so people have a visit to this place and take blessings from these temples.

5. Morni


Morni Hills is the height of 1,267 meters in  Panchkula district of Haryana. The city is famous for Lakes, Flowers, Viewpoint. The hills are covered by pine trees and are popular trekking locations. The Morni Hills is famous for many Forts Morni Hills is having Twin Lakes Bhim Taal and Chota Tikkar Taal. Morni Hill Waterfall also located. People can have road trips to this adventures place. And you can visit more adventures Places.