Wedding Bridal Wear – Requirement of Wedding Season

A wedding is one of the most vital occasions for any girl, and every girl in this world wants her marriage to be more memorable and awesome and wedding clothe is a thing that helps make her wedding an extraordinary event. But as happens with all brides, they do not know what is trendy and what is not; if they should go for traditional clothing or modern. Such issues trouble them during the pre-wedding preparation.

All brides should be heed this, first and foremost your wedding dress has to be elegant as well as stylish, it needs to be distinctive and still should be within your budget then arrive the style you can pick this on your own or you can seek advice of a fashion or dress designer. Professional guidance can be a lot of help.


There are so many Indian brides who love to choose the conventional heavy work on the dresses. Due to some important events the Indian girls love to dress themselves in such an elegant and superlative manner so that everyone can notice them. These days’ brides love pastel shades and whites; earlier they used to favour dark and vivacious colours. Lately glossy designs and light colours are in.

Metallic colours are also in fashion. Colours like silver and rust brown can be an adequate choice. If you are tying the knot in summer, go for light colours like sky blue, sea green and other mild colours. Nets, transparent fabrics and a general feel of subtlety are also popular. Wedding dress is normally made of plush materials like silks and velvets and worked over heavily in gold trimmings or brocade. Indians are riveted by colours like red, pink, and maroon.

Traditional Indian bridal wear includes exclusive collection of Indian bridal apparels, zari Sarees, embroider Sarees, and gem aggrandised wear, graceful Indian bridal suits in latest designs and styles. Indian bridal wear makes the most of rich supply of Indian fabrics like brocade, silk, tissue, crepes, zari, georgette and many more. Each piece of bridal wear has utmost elegance and artistry that imparts panache and royalty to the bride. In Indian bridal wear elaborate work of resham, heavy Zardosi, Kundan work enhanced by captivating patterns and colours that charm the eyes.

What is hot today?

Selecting bridal wear takes up a lot of time as bridal ensemble is going to play an imperative part on that vital day. This is also true that many women goes to the fashion designers and new fashion apparels and wears because of the new fashion trends. The Indian bridal wear has many varieties like chiffon Sarees or poshaks of royal princess etc.

Many designers fuse the look of the modern world and the conventional Indian wedding dress designs. The result is some chic designs which look Indian but show some western inspiration. These designers select colours like red, rust, maroon in the winters and pink, cream, and gold in the warmer weather. It can be seen that the combination only accentuates the loveliness and the sophistication that the wedding dress projects.

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