In today’s apartment complexes, swimming pools have become more than a simple indulgence. Most apartment buyers today, look for a swimming pool under the list of amenities that are provided as a part of a housing project. However, accurate safety design aspects and regulations are not being observed while building the pools and also while maintaining them.  There are plenty of swimming pool dealers who take proper care of some design aspects of the pools.

In the current scenario, the responsibility largely comes on us, to be challenging buyers and conscientious residents. As sensible residents, we should assist the apartment management committee in lying together correct safety regulations around the swimming pool and also help in the up-keeping. As serious buyers, we should view the swimming pool as only a checklist item in a housing project, or be distracted by the clear visual appeal, but also inspect if proper safety process is put into place by the builder.

Below are some simple design aspects which should be considered while building a swimming pool:

•It should not be placed in an isolated area of the housing society. It’s finest to place the pool in an area where there are sturdy association and traffic so that people can come to aid in case somebody is in distress.

•There should be adequately high fencing around the pool with a locked gate, so that children cannot admittance the pool unsubstantiated. Or the entry to the pool should be through the club or other provision which has limited admission.

•There should be anti-bacterial tiles positioned in the region of the pool.

•The structure of the ladder should be non-slippery.

•Pool ladders should have broad steps, with rails small enough for children to grip. It’s preferable to have ladders on both ends of the pool.

•The angle where water level got deep should be clearly discernible.

•There should be bright enlightenment around the pool and its adjoining area.

If you have just procured an apartment, then possibly your apartment complex is under construction, or construction hasn’t started yet. Question your builder about the safety measures around the swimming pool. You can also inspect the swimming pool design/architecture diagrams and check if there any clear safety regulations which the builder is not adhering to. If you conclude that the builder is not paying enough attention to safety around the pool, then take up the matter directly with them and try to arrive at a suitable resolution.

It’s generally just magnificent to have a swimming pool in your apartment multifaceted. It’s delightful to be able to fly into your elite pool during those hot summer days and splatter around or to have a quite swim and unwind after a frantic day of work. Swimming can be the perfect morning exercise and boost to kick-start a new day. It’s thus very sad when we have accidents related to swimming pools. Providing the appropriate concentration to protection by builders and buyers can avoid them to an elongated level.

A little quantity of notice near the beginning on can go miles in preventing accidents later on!