6 Incredible Ways For Brands To Utilize The TikTok Marketing Platform

TikTok is on the rise among people with its exciting features. Since people start moving to online platforms because of their visual appearance, the use of social media grows day by day. TikTok is well known for its visuality. People engage on this platform to entertain others by making lip-syncing videos or get helpful information with the help of tutorial videos on this platform.

Did you know, 82% of online traffic is towards video content. In TikTok, there are more than 800 billion monthly active users. Due to the high engagement of audiences towards the TikTok platform, brands and businesses decide to use TikTok for growing their product and reach it among different audiences globally.

Most people think that TikTok is only for making lip-syncing videos. But the truth is, it improves your career by giving powerful tips. Recent statistics reveal that users spend an average of 52 minutes per day. 

TikTok provides opportunities for all brands with different features. The below article explains essential tips to grow your brand on this marketing platform.

How TikTok Works?

Before moving into the topic, I will explain to you clearly about the working of TikTok.

TikTok has two most important pages:

  • Homepage
  • Discover page

Once you open your TikTok application, you will be landing on your homepage. The homepage displays plenty of trending videos from different creators. One exciting thing about TikTok is that you will get popular content on your page without any followings, and using this, you can follow new people. 

The Discover page provides a way to search for specific users and hashtags. It also helps you to find trending hashtags or challenges to participate in. Use this page to get the particular content you want to see. 

Each TikTok user can have a separate profile page for showing their posting contents, highlighting their followers, etc. Usually, the length of TikTok videos is up to 15 seconds and can combine two clips for 60 seconds like Instagram stories.

These are the essential points about TikTok, and come on, let’s get started with an article to show important tips for brands to use the TikTok platform.

TikTok Marketing: Useful Tips For Brands

TikTok has a highly engaging user base that does not slow down at any point. It is the only reason for brands involving TikTok with marketing strategies to grow their brand. Here are the best ways to use TikTok for brands:

#1. Hashtag Challenges

Challenges take a part of the TikTok community to engage them with their account. Keep yourself active on TikTok by watching the For You page. You will find a bunch of TikTok challenges where any user can participate. 

The concept of hashtag challenges is, take an interesting idea and make your video with a branded hashtag. Encourage your audiences to do the video with the same concept and publish it on their account with the same hashtag. 

When your challenge looks interesting, more people will participate by increasing views for TikTok videos and gaining popularity for your brand. Make your challenge a successful one by creating videos simple for users to perform. But it should be attractive to grab the audience’s attention.

#2. Advertise Your Brand

TikTok launched an advertising feature in January 2019 to help brands to grow their popularity. TikTok ads provide a way to capture your target audiences and increase brand awareness. TikTok gave different types of ads, and the three main types of advertisement are:

1. InFeed Native Ad

Usually, TikTok users can make videos for 15 seconds, and the infeed ad allows you to make a video ad for 9 to 15 seconds. These ads are skippable and appear on the whole screen. You can also provide a CTA button while running this ad.

You can measure infeed ads through,

  • CTR
  • Clicks
  • Total video views
  • Clicks
  • Video view time
  • Video engagement

2. Brand Takeover Ad

The ad format allowed on these ads are images, videos, and GIFs. You can link this ad to the landing page or your challenges. There are categories, and only one brand can take a category in a day.

Measure Brand Takeover ads through the following metrics:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Clicks

3. Hashtag Challenge Ad

Business accounts have an option to add branded hashtag challenges. Using this, you can add a unique banner to the Discover page. When a user clicks on the ad, it drives them to the challenge page displaying instructions with a hashtag.

Measure the performance of the hashtag challenge ad with the help of:

  • Banner views and clicks
  • Number of user-generated videos
  • Hashtag views
  • Video engagement

#3. Participation Of Users

The essential parts of TikTok marketing for any brand are user participation and user-generated content. Create content in a way that increases the interaction of your audiences. Brands need higher engagement to improve their visibility for target audiences. Preparing content with entertaining and exciting concepts to grab the eyeballs of different audiences.

Use a unique content idea with a trending soundtrack and publish it with a great caption that intends users to interact with you. When more users engage on your TikTok account, the engagement rate increases exponentially.

Next is the user-generated content. It is the main reason for building up a strong trust and brings a good relationship with you and your audiences. The sales conversion grows when you post a UGC video on your page.

#4. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are popular on all social media sites, including TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. People trust content on the influencer’s page because of their loyalty and authenticity. The participation of influencers is huge on TikTok, where more brands approach influencers to promote their product.

Influencer marketing gives you loyal followings quickly, and brand awareness gets increasing. Choose influencers according to your niche industry because their followers will be your target audiences. It becomes easier to attract those audiences to your brand. Influencers split into three types regarding their follower’s quantity:

  • Macro-influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Nano influencers

Go with micro-influencers. It will be best because, though they have fewer followers, the trust shown by their followers looks amazing. So micro-influencers bring you, potential followers and customers.

#5. Keep An Eye On Trends

A smart move of brands on TikTok is by following and adapting to trends. The trending videos keep changing every week or, in fact, daily. It is essential to prepare videos according to your audience’s interest. Influencers always know the trends, so build a long-time relationship to get suggestions regarding trending topics.

The famous faces on TikTok usually know well about the best trends to follow. Get exposure from those brands and drive potential customers by keeping an eye on trends. Without anyone’s help, you can find trending videos on the FYP. Once you open your TikTok application, there appears a list of videos. When you see the same soundtrack repeating for more than thrice, then it is the trending one. Use the same music on your content to improve your video visibility.

#6.  Use Effects In Your Video

TikTok users share millions of videos in a single day. Imagine, you have to make your content stand out from this crowd. The only way is to make your video something different from others. To overcome this issue, TikTok offers you different effects. Use those effects which are available on the Effects tab.

Under the effects tab, you can find options like Trending, Editing, Beauty, Funny, World, New, and Animal categories. TikTok also includes a green screen effect where you can change the video background with the image you choose.

Final Thought

TikTok provides excellent opportunities for brands to attain a global reach in around 150 countries. Utilize the exciting features of TikTok for your brand with the right marketing plan and attain growth. 

Use TikTok as a key channel for your brand reach and stay ahead of the competition. Follow the above ways and use marketing strategies to make your brand popular.