Breathtaking Islands That Look just Like the Maldives

Move away time isn’t too distant, and you’re beginning to dream when you’ll have the alternative to spend a justified break on the in every case, the famous island of Maldives. There are so, so many stunning sights that should be on your wish list without leaving you broke! Shouldn’t something be said about rushing toward other likewise breath-taking islands and coastlines in Southeastern Asia that will er be on your rundown of should-dos without being heavy on your wallet! Ves. 

The stunning scenery, clear blue waters, fewer gatherings, and amazing sunsets at an intriguing island with the opportunity to research – who wouldn’t want to go to a spot like that?

1. Pulau Weh – Indonesia 

A mysterious gem in Indonesia for beach dears, this great island paradise is an excellent spot for swimming and bouncing. Imagine yourself swimming in totally clear waters nearby the flourishing marine life and animals, including whale sharks, manta shafts, and sea turtles. 

This northern island to Banda Aceh is home to falls and volcanoes, all keeping it together for you to research. Dismissal the Maldives and visit this also wonderful and belittled island for your next escape! 

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2.Rawa Island – Malaysia 

The Johor Sultanate truly asserts this beautiful island. It is located just 16 kilometers from Mersing. This unadulterated target is heaven for marine life and is significant for the SultanIskandar Marine Park. This island has everything: emerald sea, white sandy beaches, shocking dusks all at your front doorway. 

There’s furthermore a massive wharf with slopes and mess feign sides in the event that you are up for a fearless jump or a volley net to have a neighborly game with your amigos and different water practices as well! 

3. Pasir Timbul Sandbar in Indonesia 

Pasir Timbul Sandbar looks really like a photo taken in the Maldives! In the sea, encompassed by purplish-blue waters, lies a little island that many have not thought about. Here, you’re prepared to have a barbecue and snorkel in the seas enveloping the reef. 

Obviously, in the focal point of no spot, strolling around Pasir Timbul looks like floating in the ideal domain. With It is located. Just around 150 meters square, this outrageous captivating goal is arranged at Raja Ampat and has the most serene and narrow waters. You need to come here to experience these beautiful islands that look just like the Maldives.

4. Koh Lipe – Thailand 

Maybe the most belittled coastline objective in Southeastern Asia, Koh Lipe is about disengaged hop areas, stunning beaches, and likely the best swimming spots to see fascinating fishes. It is also a straightforward 30 kilometers far from Langkawi, which denotes that searching for halal food is not an issue in any way, shape, or form! 

Furthermore, this little paradise island on the Andaman Coast has trails provoking viewpoints for you to research and assimilate airborne views on the island’s standard greatness. There are no vehicles here, and all you require – from chalets to bistros, plunging shops, and back rub houses – is within walking distance! 

Do see that there are no relentless excursions to this island. 

5. Mabul Island – Malaysia 

Notice Mabul Island, and dreams of amazingly clear water, affecting coconut trees and cheerful water houses ring a bell. Arranged off the southern shore of Borneo, Mabul Island could essentially be somewhat cut of coastline heaven that you’re looking for. Would you have the option to acknowledge this isn’t in the Maldives? 

You can chill by the sensitive sandy beaches or research the fishermen’s towns on the off chance that you’re not energetic about plunging. It’s also home to the only stand-out hopping rig in the world! Stay at Mabul Water Bungalows to experience a luxurious drifting retreat, ignoring the world-well-known Sipadan Island! There are moreover various types of offices on the island to suit the different monetary plans. 

6. Pulo Cinta – Indonesia 

From a genuine perspective, Its significance ‘ Island of Romance,’ Pulo Cinta is a conclusive beach objective for honeymooners Forget the Maldives. You are sure to feel like a head honcho on this private island! Fragile, white sandy? Checked! Faultless, purplish-blue waters? Checked! Stunning sunsets and amazing marine life? Checked! What’s there not to venerate 

7. Belitung – Indonesia 

Known for its shimmering white sandy coastlines and diamond blue waters, Belitung has gotten maybe the most popular spots in Indonesia since the film ‘Laskar Pelangi’ was conveyed in 2008. Without a doubt, the island (and all of the little islands include Belitung island) is great.

The waters here are fine regardless for non-swimmers, as there’s essentially no back and forth movement and no surf. There is another option from island hopping and swimming here – you can research Tanjung Tinggi coastline, go to the clear Kata Museum and see the stunning pristine white sandstones at Kaolin Lake! Island-bobbing is moreover another extraordinary development to do; ideal for your next beach insight!

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