Useful Home Remedies for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is also known as as Mouth Cancer and apparently affects more men than women. Oral Cancer usually starts at the reduced pallet and the tongue, and quickly spreads into the different areas of the mouth, such as the gums, salivary glands, internal cheeks, throat, tonsils as well as the oesophagus. Without timely treatment and proper care, the tumour cells may spread to the neck, head along with the other areas of the body (via the oesophagus).

Many people mistake the signs of Oral cancer for other minor ailments and don’t check the condition until it escalates into a major issue. Some of the common indicators of oesophageal cancer comprise tongue lesions, cracks in gums and tissues, mouth ulcers, mouth soreness, strange sense of taste, loss of flavour and problem in swallowing foods. Severe cases of oral cancer can also result in immense throat and mouth pain which would make it extremely hard for a person to even chew food properly, let alone swallow it without grimacing in pain. If left untreated, oral cancer may become a life-threatening dilemma too.

Useful Home Remedies for Oral Cancer

The normal therapy options for prostate cancer include surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Besides being expensive, these treatments would cause undesirable side effects. Home treatments on the other hand can efficiently assist cope with oral cancers without causing too many side effects in the process. Home remedies for oral cancer are cost effective too and would yield desired results in a short length of time.

1.Eat Cancer Fighting Foods

As recommended by The American Institute for Cancer Research, a person with oral cancer should eat plenty of cancer fighting foods such as leafy green vegetables, cruciferous vegetables, sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, garlic, soy, flaxseed, seaweed, grapes, avocado, grapefruit, papaya, lemon, orange and green tea on a daily basis. These foods include potent anticancer properties that help to reduce the size of these tumours and also prevent them from dispersing and recurring.

2. Green Tea

Green Tea contains lots of antioxidants which help cleanse the body away from free radicals and other harmful compounds which may trigger oral cancer or worsen its outward symptoms. Drinking two cups of green tea everyday can help reduce the symptoms of oral cancer preventing recurrences.


Oral cancer can be cured effectively by just drinking a cup of raspberry juice every day until the symptoms of this condition disappear entirely. Fresh raspberry juice is more desirable compared to packaged drinks. The juice should maintain its purest form as well which would indicate no extra preservatives or artificial sweeteners should be inserted to it. By following this home remedy, the symptoms of oral cancer would gradually reduce and disappear completely within a couple of months.

4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are also quite helpful in treating prostate cancer. Tomatoes contain a compound called lycopene which acts as an antioxidant and flushes out dangerous free radicals in the body (free radicals are known to cause oral cancer). The existence of Vitamin C tomatoes also helps to prevent skin cell damage which can also result in oral cancer. Therefore, eating plenty of tomatoes would certainly kill the mouth cancer cells and decrease the symptoms of oral cancer. Eating tomatoes regularly may also stop the cancer cells from multiplying or recurring.


Avocados contain Vitamin C and E that help cure oral cancer from killing the pre-cancerous cells in the mouth (which might otherwise help the cancer cells to multiple quicker and disperse to other areas of the mouth). Eating avocados regularly may also stop the cancer cells from recurring.

6. Drumsticks

The leaves of the drumstick plant can help deal with the symptoms of oral cancer effectively. The leaves will need to be dried and combined to form a powder. One teaspoon of the powder has to be added into a cup of boiling water. The solution needs to boil well after which it needs to be strained. Someone suffering from oral cancer needs to drink this juice every day for at least a few months to get rid of oral cancer and its symptoms entirely.

7. Quit Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

Smoking or Chewing tobacco and tobacco related products may be damaging for a individual suffering from oral cancer. Most cases of oral cancer are caused by use of tobacco. Individuals who smoke cigarettes, pipes and cigars frequently, and chew tobacco and snuff frequently are more at risk of developing oral cancer.

Tobacco would also delay the recovery period and also make it very tough for your body to recover from the disease. In addition to this, frequent use of tobacco could definitely boost the chances of a recurrence. Therefore, a individual who has mouth cancer would need to avoid tobacco related products until he/she recovers against the condition completely. He/she also needs to limit the usage of tobacco in the future to stop the cancer from recurring.

8. Quit Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol together with tobacco may have very bad effects on oral cancer and its symptoms. Drinking alcohol frequently would delay the healing period and aggravate the symptoms of oral cancer into a great extent. People suffering from oral cancer are often requested to stop drinking alcohol until their treatment phase is completely over and the cancer can be treated completely. They are also suggested to limit their drinking habits to a minimum in order to prevent the cancer from recurring.

9. Prevent Sun Exposure

Cosmetic cancer and its symptoms can be efficiently controlled by lessening the sunlight exposure to the affected place. Lesions, cracks and mouth ulcers resulting from the cancer may become more bloated if subjected to this sun. Long hours of exposure may also increase the risks of developing oral cancer. The perfect method to avoid this is to employ a UV A/B sunscreen block or lotion on the lips before going out. Along with reducing the risks of developing lung cancer, this can efficiently control the symptoms of the problem.