Unlock the Interesting Values of Augmented Reality

AR is becoming the vogue of technologies, and everybody wants to be a part of it. We are talking about the augmented reality services, every industry is leveraging these smart platforms to provide a better user experience. Piece of technologies like AR is not only helping big blue-chip companies to uplift their marketing ground plan but also pushing a normal user to leverage technology to unlock productivity and advancements.

Unlock the interesting values of Augmented Reality:

This kingpin advancement is not just limited to some fancy tourism app or basic education aid; you can expect more from it. Augmented Reality is helping us all to explore the untapped areas of day to day work productivity and performing complex operations in a jiff.

Don’t go much far; let’s have a side by side comparison of tech dependency of today to 3 or 4 years back. You will notice, we are becoming more tech-savvy and dependent on these innovations. If you need navigation, open your AR app, and you are all set to go. If you want to know if this piece of furniture will fit in my place, you just need to snap out your smartphone and scan your place with AR-based application. See, how far we have come?

This is nothing but the amalgamation of tech in our day to day life. If you have already started thinking about what next AR has to offer then just hang on. We will guide you through such prominent features; you can’t stop yourself from trying them once.

Sensors are the “success pivots”:

If you think about sensors, which is the first thing that strikes your mind? Some IoT devices? Or maybe a couple of circuits which you never took an interest in? Wait, something is amusing for you.

Let’s get back to sensors again, the major work of sensors is to detect outside weather change (by digital gauge), and the other is communication to a certain extent. Augmented reality service provider and research companies are planning to bind physical sensors with this technology. Just by using basic sensors available on our computers, laptops, and smartphones, we can experience this modern tech anywhere.

When there is AR integration with some physical gadgets (like our smartphones), we will be able to do a lot of things, and companies can also improvise their boring one-way marketing campaigns. It will be possible for the companies to push an AR notification to customers where they can check deals and product launch in a whole new way.

How industries have ‘unlocked’ new business ideas by this:

Gift of Augmented reality for furniture Industry:

Those days are gone when we used to measure the space before we visit the shop. But now the scenario is changed for good. Buying movables for the place is now a game of few clicks. Numerous furniture manufacturing giants are having their special AR-based application for their customers.

This is a superb and flawless update to digital brochures which companies send us on emails. Although the concept of such apps is getting common now. Companies are pushing their limits to append new features. It may be possible to change the colour or shape of the projected image with a tap or to perform some interactive activities in upcoming times. The furniture stores are also adopting the AR integration where anyone can experience the products in a mesmerising way.

A grin of augmented reality for automobile:

One of the fastest growing and capital holding niches is the automobile industry. Nothing can match the fast assembly lines, sheer design processes, in-depth research work, and implementation. To take everything one notch higher, AR is doing an exceptional job.

Not one but two sectors of the automobile are getting advantages i.e. manufacturing lineup, and the other is the marketing of products. When we talk about the manufacturing and assembly lines, the engineers have a hand to hand coordination with the data they require while working.

On the other side of the coin, the marketing strategies of these companies are just by far and doing excellent work in grabbing needful attention. A customer can customize any particular vehicle and experience the changes in real time. One needs to tap on the options available on the screen, and a live projection will showcase the recent customization.

Endurance of augmented reality for education:

One field which needs such technologies at priority is the education domain. The whole ecosystem is getting a sheer touch of advancement at a good pace. The engagement and interest of the students in studies are growing, and the quality of education has increased no doubt.

A student apart from school can learn or revise interactively. This is the power of technology, and we need more of it. We can confidently say that this is a beginning and AR has more to offer.

The research department is gaining an extra edge:

Earlier it used to be the only product research and development work, but the scene is different. Companies are leveraging these modern tech tools to ignite a spark in their marketing research department also. Organizations are keenly observing consumer behaviour and preparing marketing campaigns with a pinch of tech.

According to research, by the year 2025, the whole face of product marketing will take a new avatar. The way we see and experience any product or service will be on a next and exciting level. Even today many companies have already using augmented technology in their brand promotion via the virtual store.

You must have seen many clothing brand stores at the airport duty-free area or in the mall promoting their new collection via augmentation. The user just needs to stand in front of the camera and afterward, he can try new clothes without even wearing them. This concept is not only grabbing consumer’s attention but also creating a special brand position among hundreds of other competitors.

The Future Augmented reality in India:

There are many Indian companies which are in the research and development of augmented tech and developing amazing applications to make our lives more productive. In India, the major focus of this platform is on education, tourism and some other handful of industries including automobile, furniture industry and medical.

People are loving this concept and are more aware of it. Schools have special smart classes where students get to learn tricky concepts in a jiff, the quality of education is improving for sure, and the teachers are also able to deliver the lectures most efficiently.

It will be safe to say that in the upcoming few years, India will be among the major players of AR and other similar technology platforms. Many startups are coming into existence with the vision of a better productive life with the power of smart tech.

AR is truly a piece of excellence, and it is capable of unlocking sheer values in any respective industry regardless of anything. Not only tech giants but a normal user can also leverage it to make his day to day life more comfortable and enjoyable. This is a blissful platform, and we all are waiting for more such amazing innovations.

Author Bio: Rohan Kadam is owner of 3D Spectra Tech. He is offering high end, high quality 3D printing, scanning, AR services in Pune to improve business or product performance. In last 5 years, the Pune based 3D printing company has worked with more than 500 clients across in India.