How To Turn Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly?

Turn Your WordPress Website Mobile-Friendly

With more than 6 billion smartphone users in the world by 2021, your WordPress website might suffer a great deal if it isn’t structured according to the mobile users. Search engine results might not show up with your website on top. This will lead you to lose out on customers. Customers and viewers are your sources of income if you’re running a WordPress website. 

Mobile phones are readily used for digital interaction. WordPress development company should consider this fact and indulge in custom WordPress development services. Thanks to the technology industry, we’ve extensive solutions to cope up with the issue of optimization of WordPress websites. Here, we are talking about how to make WordPress website mobile-friendly to aid your business growth. Let’s begin with the need for optimization.

Why Is There A Need For Optimization?

As far as you’re concerned, you can find smartphones in the hands of the public around you. You are one of these people yourself. No one really looks up to their heavy, inconvenient computer devices for simple tasks like opening a wordless website, especially when they’re out. One might prefer a laptop or a desktop over a mobile phone when they’re inside their homes or offices or anywhere in a closed space where they can just sit and work. But, when it comes to working outside or in a hurry, they would just pop up their phones from their pockets and get started. Thus, developing an extensively mobile-friendly WordPress website is necessary.

Also, the general populace, particularly the ones with lower economic status cannot afford a bigger computer device. All they have is smartphones, that too, quite rarely. So, not optimizing your WordPress website according to mobile phones would lead to loss of customers for your website, thereby impacting your growth in the technology industry. Here we’ve curated a list of solutions that you could use to make your website compatible with mobiles and proliferate your reach. Reach out to a custom WordPress development company to get your project optimized correctly.

Optimize WordPress Site For Mobile:

Assessing with online tools:  

Before implementing the website online, take the imperative step of testifying the website on different tools. WordPress development company should take the test during various devices for better comprehension of their development. If your customers find your WordPress website not displaying correctly on mobile, they could be really devastated. 

WordPress development services all across the globe ensure that their development shows utmost utility. While testing, ensure that the page uploading speed and the design are correctly displayed on the website. This page and design should work optimally on a small screen. Once done with this procedure, your WordPress development company can dive into the extensive process of testing via tools.

Get hands-on, responsive WordPress theme: 

Theme is a significant component of WordPress development service. Focusing on this aspect of the development procedure is thus important for a WordPress website development company. Although there are many themes available, choosing out of these options might sometimes get overwhelmingly confusing. The theme makes your customers engaged, interactive and updates the lookout for your website. So, there’s no chance you can skip this aspect of a WordPress website.

Web host: 

Custom WordPress development company chooses its webs host very carefully. The web hosting of your website should be reliable and trustworthy in the long run. Taking this decision with a wise conscience is really important. Wasting your money and time on a web host that doesn’t provide you with speed and resources is just wastage. WordPress website’s performance and fidelity depend on the web hosting it. A web host specializing in outstanding performance, consistency, and least downtime is your go-to friend.

Loading time enhanced: 

The loading speed of your website has a lot to say about its performance. Your customers are wise and can comprehend the way a website would run from the very first loading page itself. Thus, to make an impressive impact, make sure the loading time of your WordPress website is minimal and is smooth. 

WordPress development service should be optimum in its performance and loading. The tinier the loading speed, the more are the chances of your users liking it. This way, your website will end up becoming an enormously user-friendly website. Optimization in this aspect helps to decrease the bounce rate and enhance user interaction simultaneously.

Google had inaugurated a Speed update feature which helped various websites in speedrunning for mobile users. Here are some fundamental measures to increase the loading speed of your website:

  • Execute caching for the website. This will ensure that the website provides easy access to the users. You can find different plugins to support this feature.
  • Using a Content Delivery Network is your good friend. It will aid in producing editions of various servers found worldwide.
  • Don’t let images and large files on the website take up most of the time. Compress them right away for a smoother experience.
  • Cut down on codes to augment the efficiency of the website
  • Timely updation is crucial for eliminating chances of security issues and vulnerabilities, if any.

Create unique designs for pop-ups: 

Pop-ups might not be the most appreciated elements, but they surely entice the users in a way. Configure your pop-ups using the following guidelines:

  • Do not take up larger space on the screen
  • Easy to close and should not interrupt with the user’s view of the content on the website.
  • Pop-ups should not be a part of the log-in pages, verification pages, forms, or any other similar essential information on the website.

SEO friendly: 

It is the era of SEO optimization. If you’re a regular developer, you must have heard of this essential feature multiple times. SEO optimization is a great way to get your website recognized by your target audience most readily. Some themes and plugins can get your website SEO optimized without much hassle.

Use plugins and themes: 

Latest features and components in your website can be easily inculcated using a vast choice of plugins provided by WordPress. Implementing the best interactive plugins on your website will take it to great heights. Themes help to produce a fantastic user experience for the customers.

Keep track of the progress of your website: 

A WordPress development service can help you track the advancement of your website. 


Smartphones are everywhere in this era. To get involved in the extensive growth of a WordPress website, one should understand the need to develop mobile-friendly websites. There are multiple ways this can be obtained. Follow the steps we’ve listed, and you can boost your website growth.

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