Troubleshooting Arlo base station offline issue

Arlo devices are the global leaders in providing security solutions for homes and offices. With increase in criminal activities,  people have started realizing the need for security cameras. To enhance the experience of the users the manufacturer company has left no stone unturned.  The cameras requires minimal effort taking installation process into consideration and the same is backed up by a robust app so the user can customize settings and can access the services.

The Arlo Pro base station is a medium which connects Arlo and Arlo pro wireless cameras to the internet via the home router. This base station provides long range connectivity and assists the battery life of the cameras.

Maintaining the compatibility the company has added more security benefits in the device.

Because of robustness and user friendly panel, the users rarely find any issues in operating Arlo devices. The most common reported issue by the user is arlo base station offline issue. By following simple steps this issue can be rectified then and there.

Step by step guide to troubleshoot Arlo base station offline issue

Step 1 : Check if the Ethernet cable is firmly connected to the base station. It is recommended to use genuine Ethernet cable that comes with the system.

Step 2 : Check the power adapter. Make sure that it is connected firmly to the base station as well properly plugged in to a power source.

Step 3 : Check for internet connection in your device. To reassure yourself try connecting from another device which is connected to your router. Try to browse some pages on the internet. This will tell you the status of your internet connection. If in case it is not working rest your router. The issue may get rectified after this activity. If not continue with below mentioned steps to resolve the issue.

Step 4 : Perform power cycle for base station. To do this unplug the power adapter and wait for a minute. Reconnect the power adapter to the source again. It takes a minute or two for the base station to start. The moment the Power LED and Internet LED becomes solid green, base station is connected to the internet. It will function as usual. However if the Internet LED is amber, continue with other troubleshooting steps.

Step 5 : The next step is to check the routers DHCP setting and the client list. The DHCP should be enabled and the router DHCP client list supplies an IP address to the base station. The IP address should be there if the process is right. You can refer to router documentation manual for more info.

Step 6 : Check the router’s security settings and  firmware and ensure no changes are made. The setting should be the same as it was when your base station was connected to internet.

Step 7 : You may have to lower the security settings temporarily or might have to place base station in DMZ to rule out any firewall restrictions. After making these changes you are suppose to power cycle the base station discussed previously above.

Step 8 : Ensure that port 80 and 443 are open for your router. This is somewhat technical stuff and you might need to contact your IT team for assistance. The Arlo base station has a limitation that it cannot connects through most proxy servers. For this the IT team will guide you through. If the above mentioned steps don’t work out, perform a complete factory reset of your Arlo pro base station device. Most likely the device will start functioning. If at all after this also you are facing issues, there is no need to panic. There is a proper support team working round the clock to help you ease through the troubleshooting process. You can take expert assistance from them any time.