How to Setup Belkin Router Guest access Feature?

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Belkin Router Guest Access Login is a feature that allows a guest user to connect to your home Wi-Fi network without giving access to your shared files. This feature is pre-installed in the Belkin router and setting up the guest access feature is very easy.

Below mentioned is the step by step guide to set up Belkin Login Guest Access feature into your network through your Belkin router using the login web-interface setup page.  

Pre-requisites: Your Belkin router should have the facility of Guest Access feature.

Step by step guide for configuration

Step 1: Connect the router and computer via Ethernet cable.

Step 2: Turn your computer ON and open internet browser like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari etc.

Step 3: Enter the  Belkin router’s login default IP address, “” into the URL bar and press ENTER

Step 4: Belkin router login page opens.

Step 5: Enter your Belkin router username and password.  If you haven’t change the default password initially while configuring the router then leave the box null otherwise you have to type the changed password and the default username is ADMIN.

Step 6: After filling the login details click on login and you will enter into the router. You can access all the features through this Belkin router login dashboard.

Step 7: To access guest account you have to click on Guest Access which is on the left side pane.

FAST TIP:  If the Guest Access option link is not located in the left pane, click                           Security as many a time the dashboard lookout may be different.

Step 8: Perform the following steps for configuration :

  • Under Guest Access you have to ENABLE this feature ON to access guest login.
  • Under TYPE section you have to select between three options these are:
  • CAFE-STYLE (guest log in via a webpage)
  • WPA™ / WPA2™ PSK
  •  WEP

Note: Most recommended open feature’s security type is WPA™ / WPA2™ PSK because this type is most secure as per user opinion.

  • Now you have to type the Network Name (SSID), the name which is used as username and this is set up by you as because you are the admin in this case.
  • Password (PSK) – Enter the PASSWORD which is set by you to authenticate Guest Access users. This field will be covered up if Open is the security type chosen in the Type alternative.

NOTE:  These Settings may vary between different router models of Belkin.

Step 9: Click on the Apply button. This completes the set up of guest access feature in your Belkin router.
Hence by following the above mentioned, you can easily complete Belkin setup process. As already mentioned you can allow a guest user to have access to the internet sideways having your personal data secured.