Torticollis Treatment with Physical Therapy


Torticollis is a health condition that occurs or arises when the muscle that runs from the breastbone and collarbone up towards the back of the neck becomes tight and weakened. It also occurs when the neck becomes tight, thickened and causes the chin to point towards the shoulder and head in the tilts in the opposite direction of the shoulder. 

One of the most common forms of health condition is congenital muscular torticollis which is also known as CMT  and may affect infants. Oftentimes it was found in the first 2 months of life. Torticollis not only occurs in infants but it can also occur in adults if you see a tilted head then it is the most common symptom to detect the rise of the torticollis which is a more serious condition and instant treatment. If you are facing the symptoms like trouble in breathing or swallowing or weakness in your arms and legs then it can be a sign of torticollis. 

Symptoms of torticollis

  • Difficulties in breathing
  • Difficulties in swallowing
  • Weakness in arms or legs
  • Impaired speech
  • Difficulties in walking or standing
  • Numbness
  • Head tilt
  • Fecal or urinary incontinence

You need to seek the doctor quickly to get proper treatment to overcome these conditions. You can also consult your physical therapist to get the best physical therapy. Physical therapy program helps to eliminate the country’s editions of torticollis. 

How Is It Diagnosed?

Torticollis in adults can be diagnosed with the help of a physician. Mainly the experienced pediatric physical therapist diagnosed the requirement of treatment of the congenital muscular torticollis and others. If we talk about the primary treatment for this case, then physical therapy can be most effective. The physical therapy program is the initial therapy for all forms of torticollis. Physical therapists offer the best treatment to address the impairment which is caused by the torticollis. It is recommended to consult your physical therapists quickly to cure your body rapidly. By preferring early treatment will ensure to get most effective results and will help to reduce the risk factor of future. This will help to cure your conditions permanently. 

The physical therapist works and provides the best strategies which you need to follow strictly to heal your body quickly. They plan several types of exercises and stretches which can provide effective and best outcomes as a result. It is recommended to get the treatment as soon as possible to ensure better results. The physical therapist will work with the child’s caregiver or even the adult patient to create a mutual which is to get better quickly. You will have to cooperate with your physical therapist to get the best outcomes. They will ensure to provide the best treatment planning. Mainly the physical therapist ensures to provide an individual treatment plan accordingly. Their treatment plan can include the following:

  • They will plan the exercise to strengthen your neck muscles and to bring the strength back like normal. 
  • They will create the best plan to correct the posture of your muscle and will help to maintain the balance
  • They implement their skills and experience to gain pain-free movement which is a kind of range of motion. 
  • They also provide the best way to enhance postural control and symmetry. 
  • They are experts in their field and ensure that they improve the alignments of the body by easing muscle tension. 

These goals can not be achieved if there is mutual participation. You need to follow all the palms strictly to get back your strength and to recover quickly. It is crucial to take every step if treatment in the firm if physical therapy which includes:

  • Gentle exercise or stretches of the neck and back muscles. 
  • It can also include the plan if strengthening the neck and back muscles 
  • Massage for the affected area
  • Some home exercise which you need to follow honestly. 
  • Proper guidance to bring the correct posture. 
  • Taping to elongate the muscles and to facilitate the stretching of the muscles. 


Torticollis makes life difficult and you will not be able to perform every task in your life in the normal way. Mostly, exercise and physical therapy work very effectively and provide relief from the random pain as well. If you are suffering from health conditions like torticollis and other related injuries then make sure to consult your physical therapists and fix your appointment to get the best treatment. They will surely help to recover your body quickly in every case. They don’t use any kind of drugs or surgeries. They allow or make your body recover quickly. 

The exercise and stretches are planned accordingly and help to reduce pain and other discomforts very easily. Physical therapists ensure to bring you the normal version of yourself into a neutral position. Make sure to follow the rules and plan as suggested by your physical therapists. Follow the guideline and do regular exercise and heal your body naturally.