Photos are like a time machine. It freezes the moment in a piece of paper that you have enjoyed a long time back. A photo brings the spirit of the place you go – the aura, the charm, the feeling of the time spent there.

Every place has its own history, stories, culture, and landscapes. If you want to learn to capture the authentic spirit of that place, a few travel photography tips may come in handy.

Since the pandemic has paused our vacations, it’s time to look forward and plan all our overdue holidays. It is possibly the most waited trip ever. You cannot disagree, can you? Hence, we decided to share all our secrets on how to take vacation pictures. We advise you to clear up your phone’s memory because these tips are life hacks!

Learning the photographic techniques is not something that can be injected like a magic potion. It demands regular practice, a continuous effort with a few general guidelines.

It runs in the literature – practice makes a person perfect.

Expert Tips on Worthy Vacation Photos 

1. The Early Bird Gets the Worm  

Waking up early means handling a lesser crowd. You definitely want to have the place to yourself! Close your eyes and envisage visiting a blissful beach. Can you imagine the sound of the powerful waves? Just the sea and you, and no one around to stir the affair. What can be an ideal situation to click travel pictures, if not this? When the first beaming rays of sun fall on your skin and the waves giggle at your feet, take your camera out. Click images like you would have painted the moment.

2. The Blue and Golden Hours   

These are two good light-catching phrases that automatically give the picture a natural gradient. Sunrise is definitely one of the best times to click pictures, but the hour just after (or before) the sunset blesses the sky with a tint of blue, giving a perfect calm feeling. With all the city lights on, the blue hour looks nothing less than heaven.  

Whereas the golden hour gives an elegant and royal feeling to the atmosphere. The hour just after the sunrise, when the beaming light rays humbly kiss nature, the warm tone pleases the eye with its soft shadows.

3. Tell A Story  

Every vacation has a unique story. Everywhere we go, we leave a part of our heart in that place. Before clicking the pictures, ask yourself what is it that you want to show the world? Is it a happy story or a sad one? Do you want to prove a statement or simply adore the charm of nature? Imagination and emotions are the keys. Believe it or not, your feeling is conveyed through the pictures. A photograph is nothing lesser than music. The way you will hit the chords, thy tune will be.

4. The Anonymous Subject

We are a creature of brains. We like to think, imagine and live in a world inside our mind palace. By giving the viewers travel photographs with a person as a subject, it subconsciously adds more emotion. People like to imagine themselves in the very location, like, living the feeling of being on vacation in France. But posing the man or woman anonymously, you can lead the viewer to the world of imagination.

5. Going Beyond Cliche  

If you decide to visit a commonplace like the Eiffel Tower or the Taj Mahal, there are millions of vacation photos over the internet. So, what should you click? The same old off-white circular tomb or the night light of the romantic tower? We say no! Capture those scenes which no one else has. Explore each and every corner and get lost on purpose. Be it a picture of the alleys, or the images of locals, try to encompass the real culture of the place.

6. Avoid Selfies  

It will be highly disappointing to capture the enticing stories with the front camera of your phone. Cover as much as the landscape you can. If it is travel photography, people would mostly want to imagine visiting the places you have been. A selfie regrettably fails to draw the attention of the viewers.

7. Keep It Natural  

No one shares images straight off of the camera! If you think editing is some sort of cheating, then you must know it’s just a myth. Retouching photographs is also a part of photography and indeed a form of art. But don’t go overboard! The colors of the images should match with what you actually see with your naked eyes. Mostly, all photographers use a bit of retouching to bring out the essence of the story behind the lens. That is what editing is used for. In case that is not your cup of tea, there are plenty of travel photo book printing services that can do it for you.  

8. Keep the Camera Aside  

What kind of guideline is this, you might wonder? Don’t you think before telling a story you should know the context first? Capturing the story through the lens ensnares the vibe of the photographer. So, get on your feet and try to enjoy the vacation as much as you can. Go to the outskirts, the lonely lanes, and the houses of the locals. Talk with them – laugh and cry in the journey. Indulge yourself in all the emotions to distil the maximum feel of the destination.  

9. Journey – The Beginning of The Story  

You may not know it yet, but the journey is the moment you will remember the most. When you plan a trip, do you not plan how you will reach there? So, do not compromise on the same. Look around, what do you see? Include them in the photo story and let the world know all the tales you have to tell.  

10. Let’s Get Technical  

We understand this might not be the part you like. But, hey, a king doesn’t get the kingdom without fighting, eh? Before going to the destinations, click a handful of images at home. Check the features and toggles so you can operate the camera when you reach the destination. You can avoid the technicalities if you are already well-equipped with the system.

Wrapping Up:  

A vacation is a therapeutic investment. These are the moments you will look back; you know it – we all know it. Yet, we fail to drop the anchor and look around in this fast-paced world. All we do is keep sailing towards the infinite. So why not click a few images and, with the help of some travel photo book printing services, store the treasured moments? Hopefully, these vacation photo tips help you on your next trip, and you create a wonderful vacation photo book.