Top Launchers for Android

Many owners of equipment on Android are not satisfied with the native management of programs, in other words, the launcher. Someone is dissatisfied with the design, someone does not like the speed of work, and some people just already have an eruption of the built-in shell.

Therefore, we decided to compile for you a list of launchers that will not only transform the look but also help to optimize the work of the gadget. So, 8 launchers for the Android platform. Getting started!


The overall rating of the iLauncher apk is 4.0. Keep in mind that these are cumulative ratings since the application was included in the Google play store list. Most of the main applications in the Android store have a rating of 4+.

Total number of opinions 7726. Total number of star ratings received: 0. This application has been rated 1 star (bad) by 0 number of users. .The estimated number of application downloads ranges from 1000000 and according to Google play store.

iLauncher: the content classification of OS 9 is Everyone. This application appears in Lifestyle category of play store. You can visit the website to learn more about the company / developer that developed this.

Buzz launcher

Will open our list of Buzz Launcher. The possibility of transferring other people’s home screens to their device, which unloaded these same screens into the Homepack Buzz service, is quite unusual. Through the same service, you can share your own screens with friends.

You immediately available to choose from more than 100 thousand screens. Installing them on a smartphone or tablet will be literally seconds.

In addition to installing ready-made solutions, you are given a tool with which you can do almost everything: creating your own widgets, installing your own screen saver on each desktop, changing your own existing application icons and so on. And you can also conjure with the work programs, their launch. Of course, you are waiting for excellent built-in options for widgets.

Next Launcher 3D

A great choice for those who love a stylish design on its display. This is a 3D application with a huge number of effects that will drastically change the appearance of the desktop.

The launcher has the ability to control gestures (9 is already there by default), which you yourself can create to fit your needs. Of course, great, bright and incredibly beautiful graphics with an indecently large set of effects.

You are allowed to change to your taste elements of desktops. The application integrates perfectly with the system, which allows you to work with displays smoothly and quickly. The built-in program manager will help to sort the applications, as well as completely remove with all traces.

Installation and management of the launcher are very simple, without unnecessary problems, so there should be no problems with it. Inside the application there are purchases.

U Launcher 3D

As you guessed, this is another 3D shell for a smartphone. With the program, you can create a unique desktop of your gadget. But, if you are too lazy to do this, then you can look at the gallery of the application, where you can definitely find something for yourself. And if you don’t like something, you’ll fix it with the built-in tools.

Let’s take a closer look at what the launcher offers. From ready-made solutions, you have a huge selection of live wallpapers, nice widgets, the ability to sort installed applications by subject. And everything else can be done by you. Inside the built-in browser, you can quickly and easily switch between search engines.

U Launcher is easy to use. Of course, this is not all that a launcher can please, so download and test.

Win 10 Launcher

This shell will be very interesting in the first place to fans of Windows 10. By installing the launcher, your phone will become almost a complete copy of your PC desktop. It is worth noting that the work of Win 10 Launcher is fast, smooth, without glitches and freezes. And it pleases, as many similar launchers suffer from different lags.

The most important thing in the shell is a change in appearance. The developers were not too lazy and fixed the jambs that were in earlier versions, added the Start menu and the variation of tile design. The user can change colors, customize access to actively used programs. Worked on the navigation: it is simple, convenient and does not cause difficulties.

The management of the launcher itself is also very simple and affordable. Deal with him even a child will not be difficult. Installation is also simple, without any dancing with a tambourine.

Car launcher

Have you ever had such a thing that the traffic police inspector, who scolded you for talking on the phone without a headset, comes across? Not a very pleasant pastime. Now we will talk about the launcher for motorists. It will be especially interesting for drivers who almost never get out of their car.

After installing Car Launcher Pro, your smartphone will turn into a very useful tool. The display will contain information about the speed of your movement, will help pave the way to your destination. On the side, there will be a label of calls, music, a calendar with notes. But if there is not something important for you in this list, then it does not matter: in the settings, you will set the necessary applications for display on the screen.

In general, a very, very interesting assistant on the way. There are 2 versions: paid and free.

TSF Launcher 3D Shell

Next, we look at TSF Launcher 3D Shell. We are invited to get acquainted with the original three-dimensional launcher. You have waited inside with excellent, juicy graphics, smart animation during transitions between screens (by the way, there can be as many as 10 at once!), Various file operations and many others.

The developers made very beautiful basic widgets: clock, weather, calendar, music player, contacts, and more. The cascade of home screens in three-dimensional space looks very impressive: a kind of drum is created, the faces of which are these desktops. And you can rotate it endlessly.

In addition to graphics, the application will prompt you to enter your gestures for convenient and comfortable control of your smartphone. Also, you are free to disable the grid and arrange labels in random order. And to make everything beautiful, a tool for aligning labels relative to each other is created, you can place labels of different sizes on the same screen symmetrically.

Apex launcher

And here is another shell with a large set of tools that will help give a special charm to your gadget. Here you can edit application icons, add or delete desktops, set gesture control, configure the device to ignore, for example, random clicks or assign a command to double tap.

It is worth looking at how the horizontal mode is made in the launcher. A small zone has been added to the left, in which text and voice searches are located. If it were not there, it would not have affected the working capacity, but the objects placed on the desktop would look strange. And so more symmetrical and pretty. But this already applies to tablets.

The launcher works very smoothly and gently, despite the fact that the application has a lot of actively used animations and effects.

The developer offers the user a choice of paid and free versions. Naturally, some animations and tools are available only in a paid version, but the free program is not scarce in tooling.

Smart Launcher 3

I am very skeptical of “smart” programs. But this application seemed interesting to me. I suggest you look at the smart launcher.

The first thing he noticed was the lock screen. Unusual placement of labels in the form of a circle – beautiful, nothing to say. On the main screens, you have access to icons in one of four options. Speaking of shortcuts: they are placed on desktops in bubbles, which must first be created on the display. These bubbles have their own set of settings.

Threw out the bottom panel with applications. And down with the status bar! Forever and ever! An interesting solution that does not confuse a bit. And the cool thing is smart search string. She gives out options in which she found matches both on the phone and on the Internet.

The usual sorting of applications by thematic folders is also here. The same thematic folders can be placed on the lock screen. Beautiful graphics, a large selection of themes, a flexible system of settings for various notifications, locks and other things – is there and it works fine. There is a paid and free version of the program.