5 Clever Interior Design Ideas to Add Pizzazz to Your Home

You have moved to a new home. And want some smart home design tips to transform the look and feel of your living space. Or are you looking for something more interesting? Whatever it is, you are reading the right article. After all, who does not want to live in a beautiful home with smart interior décor items to flaunt? Yes, you can try these décor ideas with little effort and cost. It is not necessary that expensive things are always the best. Even little changes, a lamp by the bedside table, a money plant in the corner of your living room can create the greatest impact. You can add a new bathroom mirror, a painting on the wall, and even some flowering pots in your balcony to make a difference to your home. You can try on your own these little changes. According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, about one-fourth of Americans made Home s in 2018, and out of which, only seven percent consulted interior design experts.

You may like to add a soft wall color in your bedroom or paint the study room wall with a little darker tone. The choice is yours. To make your job a tad simpler, here are five clever interior design tips to make your home look interesting:

  1. Paint Rooms to Improve Functionality

If you have a small room, paint the walls using a subdued color to make it look and feel large. It is one of the best ways to maximize a small living area. A small room looks crowded, especially when you have more furniture in it. Place a small bed and a table if you have a small bedroom. Additionally, light wall paint, big windows, and installing more mirrors reflect natural sunlight entering from the doors as well as windows. The mirrors create an optical illusion in your living space, making it look bigger than it really is. If you use darker tones, your room will look smaller. Even if that room has adequate natural light and mirrors placed at strategic places, the room will resemble more of a box. You will feel boxed-in. Therefore, choose room colors depending on their size.

  1. Place Old and New Items near Your Couch

Make your living room look more interesting by adding family heirlooms close to your couch. Mix the items up with different textures and patterns. You can add new, old, expensive and low-priced items next to your couch. You can also add an antique flower vase in your living room. Professional interior designers believe that the most crucial aspect of renovating your home is what the décor pieces reflect of your personality and style. For example, a grandfather clock next to your living room couch tells an interesting story. The modern sofa that you have bought also has a story to tell. It tells your present story. Therefore, there is no reason why the old and the new stories cannot coexist together. Additionally, you can also use a wall painting of Van Gogh to add more meaning to your living room. It exudes your rich taste in art. Whether it is rugs, throw pillows, furniture, colors, and patterns, all of these items add warmth to your home sweet home.

  1. Add Wicker Baskets

When it comes to wicker baskets, they are good additions to improve storage in any room, be it your bedroom or kitchen. Moreover, these items look sophisticated and come affordable. You can use wicker baskets to store books, décor magazines, towels, toys, and even blankets. If you want to add these wicker baskets in your kitchen, ask any kitchen remodeling Long Island expert where to place them in your cooking area. We recommend that you can place a couple of these baskets on the countertops to display and store fresh, green vegetables or colorful fruits. Make sure that these items do not crowd your kitchen space. Place them strategically to make the most out of your cooking space. Moreover, you should be able to move around in the kitchen freely or place cooked meals without any inconvenience.

  1. Add a Hanging Potholder

It is the kitchen again because it is the most important part of your home. Kitchens should look warm as well as inviting. You spend a lot of your time there preparing food for the family, serving meals, and even talking to your partner while cooking. To add more meaning to your kitchen, why not use a hanging potholder to make your cooking space more elegant and functional. You can buy these items at affordable prices. Choose the size, shape, color, and style depending on your needs. When you use a hanging pot rack, you are free to use the kitchen cabinets and cupboard to store other items. More the storage options in your kitchen, the better it is. Who complains about more storage space anyway?

  1. Wallpaper or Paint Your Bookshelves

A home with a large bookshelf shows the taste and reading habits of the inmates. Then, ignore it at all? Use a variety of colors to make your bookshelf look lively and interesting. It will not take center stage, but the pop of color will make your reading room come alive. You can paint or use a colorful wallpaper to make your room energetic and transform your reading space. If you have a built-in bookcase, it looks simple and ordinary. The best way to add some pizzazz to your bookshelf is by using a fresh coat of paint or wallpaper. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars because the space in a bookcase is limited. Use your creative skills to add a splash of color to your boring bookshelf. Besides your bookcase, you can also paint your hallways, inside of closets, ceilings, and fireplace mantle.


Now that you know these tips and tricks, start renovating your home. Try it yourself because you will love it. It will be a fun experience for you. Once you are done, you will be surprised to see the outcome of your creativity and imagination.

Author Bio: Sujain Thomas is a leading blog writer and expert travel photographer. She has written numerous articles and blog posts on topics related to Travel, Food, Lifestyle, Home Improvement and Photography etc.