Top Adventures things to do in Yala National Park

If you want to make your vacation unforgettable, you can plan your trip to Yala National Park. It is one of the top attractions of southeastern Sri Lanka. It is spanning over the spacious land of 611 square kilometers. There are lots of travellers visit this destination every year to explore the beautiful wild inhabitants of Yala. When it comes to safari, it is an exciting activity that will bring more fun and enjoyment. It is important to know that this destination is adobe to more than two hundred bird species, forty types of mammals, forty-five reptile species and many amphibians as well as fish. The elephant safari Sri Lanka is another highly preferred activity for spotting water buffalo, crocodiles, egrets and many other species.  

The original treat in Yala is spotting the mysterious leopards by taking leopard safari Sri Lanka. There are many other exciting activities available in this region to make your visit more memorable.  If you want to know the best things to enjoy this Yala National Park, you can read this guide properly.   

  1. Leopard Safari

If you are a wildlife lover, you can visit Yala National Park. It is not only home to a large number of leopards, but also includes many other interesting bird and animal species. If you want to spot these gigantic animals, you can take leopard safari Sri Lanka. By taking the safari trip, you can spot out any leopards at this national park. The leopards are active during late evenings or early morning. So you can try to take the safari during that time. You can keep your eyes out for many plants, prolific birdlife, and other beautiful animals. The lucky travellers may spot out the mothers with their cubs.

  1. Elephant safari

The elephant safari Sri Lanka is an excellent choice for travelers who want to see the real beauty of wild elephants. It is one of the best activities to do in this national park. The safari trip to this national park is very authentic and memorable. It is highly recommended to take the trip before sunrise. It is because it is the right time where you get an opportunity to see elephants and also leopards. Apart from elephants, the national park is home to many wild leopards. When you drive through the national open, you can keep your eyes peeled completely for the elephants. The small groups of elephants are behind the trees or hiding in bushes. .

  1. Camping in Yala national park

When it comes to camping in Sri Lanka, it is the most exciting activity designed to aids the travellers traverses the landscapes within the National Park. The paths of Yala national park run through the spectrum of beautiful terrains that range from scrub jungle to dense forest, open savannah-type to rock pools, water lakes, semi-arid areas, and ravines. It is the best place where you can explore the real wildlife. There are lots of camping packages available, so it is important to choose the camping in Sri Lanka based on your individual needs and budget. The proper selection brings you a fantastic chance to enjoy the camping activity in an outstanding manner.

  1. Sithulpawwa rock temple

It is a location in Yala National Park. The height of this attraction is roughly about 400 feet. If you want to visit its 2 temples, you need to climb the rock. This effort brings you a fantastic chance to explore Dagoba. The smaller Dagobas are located within temple grounds. It also comes with a sophisticated and attractive cave structure. The paintings on its temple walls allow you to know about Anuradhapura period.

  1. Buduruwagala

It is the ancient and most popular Buddhist temple located in Sri Lanka. This complex includes 7 statues. They date back to the tenth century. Still, the huge Buddha statue bears the traces of natural stuccoed robe as well as an extended streak of orange. The heart of these three figures to the Buddha’s right is considered to be a Buddhist mythological figure which is known as Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

  1. Okanda devalaya

Okanda is an extremely small hamlet located on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. For all devotees, Okanda is the gathering point before going to the intolerant jungle of Kumana and also Yala. It is the right place where they continue their long walk towards the Kataragama Devalaya. At the peak of rock, there is a tiny small devalaya committed to Valli Amma. At the base of this rock, there is a big devalaya available which is dedicated to Murugan.

  1. Jeep safari

If you are a bird lover, Yala National Park is the right destination for your needs. It is home to more than 215 dry zone bird species that includes migrant waders. It also consists of the highest leopard density.   The overall vegetation of this area includes scrub and bush forest. The fauna and flora of this destination are very awesome. You can spot out over 280 plant species in this location. There is a jeep facility is available for enjoying the entire safari in a safe and exciting manner.

  1. Infrared night drive

It is an excellent and most exciting activity. The night vision goggles are equipped with the infrared technology. It will surely make your excursion ground-breaking. It also brings you a wonderful experience at night. The proper use of this infrared vision ensures that overall wildlife of national park is not disturbed by the use of artificial lights. It also reduces the environmental footprint.

  1. Guided nature walk

It is another highly preferred and most exciting activity that will bring you a fantastic chance to discover the entire surroundings of the national park. The specialized activity allows you to enjoy walking through the nature trail through resort premises. It allows you to see the breathtaking views and mystical creatures when you trek the scrub forest and unpaved paths.  When it comes to the naturalist field guide, it plays a major role in your excursion. It helps you to explore different varieties of animals and birds and also walk towards the beach for meeting sea crabs.