Top 5 Reasons Why Book Directly With A Hotel

If you are planning a trip and want to book a hotel room online, you can do so using one of two options: directly through the hotel’s website or through a third-party website. You might be wondering, what is the difference between booking directly with the hotel and booking through a third-party website? We’ve outlined the top five benefits of booking directly below, so you can keep them in mind the next time you book a hotel online from LBN Hotels.

1. You will get the Best Price, No Hidden Charges

Price is one of the most important variables that we all take into consideration when booking a hotel. Today, the web offers a platform where we can find numerous services for making reservations, and all claim to offer the best price. But do they really offer it?

The reality is that hotels tend to offer the best rate when guests book directly with them. At the same time, hotels are very clear about their prices to avoid any misunderstandings that may affect the guest experience. Because of this, when you book directly with a hotel, prices are final and with no hidden charges.

If you decide to book a hotel through a third-party website, look carefully at the final price at the time of confirming the reservation, it should include taxes and any extra charges that may apply.

2. You will have greater flexibility to request special arrangements

Most people go on vacation to take a break from the daily routine and to experience something different. This may include wanting to fulfill certain wishes. When looking for a place to stay, you may want a hotel near the beach, one with a pool, or perhaps one with breakfast included. This information is easy to find online, either through the hotel’s website or third-party websites. However, finding the right place to stay becomes a bit more difficult if you want to request something special, like a room with a certain view or arrangements for a honeymoon or special occasion. If you have a special request, it is always a good idea to speak directly to the hotel staff.

Tip: Third-party websites often offer the option to include comments when making a reservation. However, these comments are not always clear to hotel staff and can sometimes go unattended. If you book through a third-party website, and you have a special request, we recommend that you call the hotel to discuss your needs directly.

Book Directly With A Hotel

3. Your Reservation is Confirmed Instantly and Safely

The ability to book a hotel online has been around for years. But even though technology has advanced significantly, some people still doubt if their reservation has been approved or if their transaction was safely completed. When booking through intermediary sites, these doubts can multiply: Did the hotel really receive my reservation? What if the availability was wrong? What if they don’t have the type of room I reserved?

By booking directly with a hotel, there is no risk of discrepancy regarding availability. Also, your reservation is confirmed on the spot and you know that you will get exactly what you booked.

Booking through our website is easy, fast, and secure. You can see exactly which rooms are available, as well as the final price of your reservation, including all taxes. Additionally, your deposit payment is processed securely by PayPal, a leader in the online payment industry.

Tip: When booking through third-party websites, make sure you get a confirmation of your reservation. Check that the details on the confirmation match what you booked. If you want to make sure that your reservation was received, contact the hotel directly.

4. You will obtain Policies and Conditions of Reservation Transparent and Often more Flexible

Most of us are used to accepting policies without reading them. We tend to mark that we agree to certain terms and conditions without much thought, this is mainly because the policies are usually long texts in very technical language.

Obtaining transparent and clear policies is very important when booking a hotel. However, the policies for the same hotel may change depending on where we make the reservation. Typically, hotel policies are clearer when booking direct and the terms and conditions regarding cancellations and modifications are often less strict.

Tip: The conditions that apply to reservations made through intermediary websites are not always the same as when booking directly with the hotel. We recommend that you always read the conditions associated with your reservation before completing it. If you have any questions regarding the policies and conditions of your reservation, contact the website through which you are booking or directly to the hotel.

5. You will receive information and personalized attention regarding your trip

You may have some, or perhaps many, questions that need to be answered in order to plan your trip. Many travelers have shared their experiences and provided information online about most places in the world. However, there is nothing like the advice of a local.

The hotel staff is local people who know their place like no one else, every day they work to make the experience of their guests the most special. No online service can beat that. When you book directly with a hotel, you start a relationship. This relationship is important to be able to offer personalized information about the activities and experiences that contribute to an unforgettable trip.