Investing in your child’s education is the best lifelong gift you can award them. Education influences how a person thinks and how they handle real-life situations. An educated person is respected in society. Moreover, education opens more career doors for your child. When you educate your child, you guarantee their future. However, finding the right school for your child, especially if you just moved to Japan or seeking to transfer them to an international school, can be challenging. You cannot go wrong in choosing a school for your child as the school contributes a great deal to the quality of your child’s education, their social, mental, emotional, and physical growth. Therefore you need to be keen on choosing the right school for your child. 

The first step into choosing the best school in Tokyo is having a list of the region’s top schools.

The following is a list of the top international schools in Tokyo, recommended by experts: 

1. The Global Indian International School in Tokyo

2. Clarence International School

3. The British School in Tokyo

4. Tamagawa Academy IB programs International School 

5. Laurus International School

6. Kohana International school

7. Little Angels International School

8. Bunka Suginami Canadian International School

9. Yokohama International School

10. Saint Muar International School

Now that you have a list of the best international schools in Tokyo, how do you choose the best international school for your child?

The following are tips for choosing the right school for your child;You should consider:

1. Your Personal Preference

What kind of school would you want your child to study in? You should make a list of all your school requirements. Then it would help if you compare your expectations to what the school offers. For instance, you may have a physically challenged child. Therefore you may expect the school to enrol your child to have the capacity to accommodate your little one. Thus, from the already provided list of international schools in Tokyo, you can eliminate the schools that do not meet your expectations. Doing this helps you narrow down the schools to those that are more suitable for your child.

2. The School’s Location 

Ensure that you choose a school that is in a suitable location. In selecting the site, you should consider the following:

1. Distance. The school should be convenient in terms of distance to and from school. You don’t want a school that takes your child forever to get to, especially if they are day scholars. Take an instance where your child has to cover 25 kilometres to school and another 25 kilometres back home. A whole 50 kilometres on the road! Not only will the child get exhausted but also waste a lot of time travelling. 

2. Security.  The school itself should guarantee your child’s safety from having fences to having competent round the clock security personnel and clearly defined rules on who has access to your child while in school.

3. The Schools Facilities

Ensure that you choose a school for your child with adequate playground facilities to nurture your child’s sports talent and libraries to allow access to more knowledge and information and laboratories to allow for practical experiments, among other necessary facilities. It is worth noting that you should be keen on the school’s buildings and constructions if you have a physically challenged child. You should ensure that they allow your kid’s ease of movement from one area to the next.

4. The Quality of Education

Isn’t education the main reason you are enrolling your child in school? You should, therefore, ensure that the school offers quality universal education. But how will you gauge the quality of education provided in a school? You can tell a school provides quality education through;

5. The School Academic Performance.

You can ask for the school’s records on their academic performance for the past five years. From the documents, you can make an informed judgment about the school’s academic excellence.

6. Testimonials.

Most international schools, for instance, the global Indian international school in Tokyo, have websites. When you visit these websites, you may find testimonials from successful alumni. From their reviews, you can tell a lot about the quality of education offered in that school.

7. Referrals and Recommendations.

Do not be afraid to ask around. You may be recommended to a great school with quality education by friends and colleagues.  

Children spend most of their childhood and a part of their adult life in school. It, therefore, influences their physical, emotional, social, and mental growth. Therefore, parents should consider these unique international schools In Tokyo and keep these tips in mind to select the right school for their child.