10 Tips & Tricks To Do WordPress Website Maintenance On Your Own

Are you wish to do WordPress website maintenance on your own. Keeping your WordPress site in maintenance mode is critical as it helps in ranking at the top position in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages).

If you create a WordPress site for clients, the work doesn’t end as soon as the website has launched. Thereafter, the site has been launched it still to be maintained.   

Take benefit of this opportunity through us. Our WordPress Support team provide best WordPress maintenance service for your website. Further, here we will explain to you how to do WordPress Website Maintenance on your own.

WordPress Website Maintenance

10 Best tips & tricks which will help you to do WordPress Website Maintenance Yourself

1. WordPress Update

WordPress automatically checks for WordPress core as well as plugins and updates on the topic. Update your application directly from the Updates menu.

You’ll be able to see notifications in the > updates menu in the WordPress Dashboard. Before you continue with the upgrade we recommend you to make a WordPress backup.

Now click Update to stay continue with the upgrade. On the next page, automatically you can upgrade your WordPress site through update now button.   

If everything goes smoothly your WordPress website will be successfully upgraded.

2. Update theme and plugins

Update themes and plugins on your site. In case you cannot upgrade a theme or plugin automatically, so there are three ways to update the same.

  • Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin
  • Manually through your dashboard
  • Update via FTP(File Transfer Protocol)

3. WordPress backup

Having the site backup is necessary. Each website admin ought to have some backups of its own site. In case something went wrong so you can take the benefit from here.

The easiest ways to backup wordpress site are :-

  • Backup WordPress Manually
  • Use Softaculous to Backup WordPress.

4. WordPress security

As we all know that, WordPress is the most popular blogging and CMS platform which makes it a most loved target for hackers. Having a WordPress site online methodology that you have to make a couple of additional endeavors with a reason to monitor you and your vacationer’s actualities.
For wordpress security, the most important terms are:

  • Keep up-to-date WordPress core, theme, and plugins.
  • Protect your WordPress Admin Area.
  • Don’t use the “admin” username.

5. Analytics tracking and SEO reporting

This report gives analytics details to the customer that is pulled from google search console.  
These included are:

  • Search queries (clicks, impressions, CTR, and position).
  • Search Analytics (clicks, Impressions, CTR rate, position).
  • Crawl errors (path, platform, category, detected).
  • Sitemaps (URL, platform, category, date detected).

6. WordPress hosting and performance

Another locale of WordPress redesign incorporates facilitating, uptime observing and site improvement. Like updates, security, and backups, facilitating and execution are critical parts of a healthy WordPress site.

Rather than pay to host fees without delay from customers, you can roll up your hosting right into a monthly plan that also includes participating in website protection. The most website host re-offer program designed mainly for vendor web hosting buyers sites.

7. Website optimization

It is the process of the use of controlled experimentation to improve the internet capacity of the site for running dreams business.

8. Content creation

Adding content creation introductions to your service offering means customers can have consistent content updates which long funnel into SEO efforts, email advertising, and social media.
Some free tools and resources to make content creation easier, which are as follow:  

  • Atlas
  • Site:Search
  • WordCounter
  • Search in a Giphy
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Drive Research Tool
  • HTML Hacks for Marketers
  • Percentage Change Calculator

9. Social media management

Some clients will be happy to offloading social media with someone else. Social media has undeniably revised the talk to brands and customers.

Thankfully, there is a bunch of awesome social media management equipment to be had to help. That equipment can streamline your workflows, help you keep a while and even make certain your content material reaches the right target audience at the proper time.

10. Training & Support

Being WordPress is one of the easiest website content management structures, maximum website owners will need the training to control their WordPress website. WordPress experts offer month-to-month video training for website admins.