Getting Smarter with The New Artificial Intelligence Features in Dynamics 365

New Artificial Intelligence Features in Dynamics 365

It is no doubt that artificial intelligence can bring a transformative impact on any system it is used with.

To further add value to the users of Microsoft Dynamics 365, new features of artificial intelligence were introduced in October 2018.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was introduced two years ago to bring in a cohesive and comprehensive system for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

Now, with the addition of AI features, Dynamics 365 will simplify the work of the business by providing accurate and detailed insights into their customers and the market scenario.

With this implementation of AI, Microsoft aims to impact the three main areas of any business – sales, customer service and marketing.

The AI features for Dynamics 365 has been released for sales and customer service. Dynamics 365 for market insights are expected to release soon in the next few months.

New Artificial Intelligence Features in Dynamics 365

Enabling Better Customer Service

New Artificial Intelligence Features in Dynamics 365

All of the features of the AI-enabled Dynamics 365 Services has been interfaced in such a way that the results of the insights are displayed in a simple, readable form, majorly in the form of charts and graphs.

Various dashboards for customer satisfaction, case resolution, KPIs, incoming cases and topics have been designed with backing from the insights of AI.

Each of these dashboards can provide direct details into the customers, their response levels, the points that created an impact and so on. This information will be useful for the business to:

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The pain points of the customers like the response time, the satisfaction of the information given, satisfaction with the products, identifying the necessities, etc can be directly analysed from the dashboards. It provides a platform for the business to understand what drives the customers and what pushes the customers away and build a better customer service based on the gathered data.

Improve Business Performance

The KPI Summary Dashboard plays an important role in understanding the areas where the business lacks. The various cases in the KPI can be analysed to identify and understand where the performance is dropping down affecting the entire business performance and take steps to rectify the situation.

Minimize Errors and Maximize Output

Dynamics 365 is all set to introduce virtual agents which will greatly cut down the interference of the humans in the customer service. Support systems can be made swift and accurate with AI tools resolving the issues of the customers faster than a human and efficiently so. Microsoft Conversational AI, which is planned to release soon, will solve complex problems for the customers effectively with great accuracy and ease.

Pro-Active Sales

New Artificial Intelligence Features in Dynamics 365

A typical sales rep has to think on the feet, make effort every single time with the customers and hopes that the conversations are getting them closer to making a sale.

But there was no concrete way to know the conversations they have, the moves they take will definitely make a positive impact on the customer but with the new AI-backed Dynamics 365 for Sales, the job of a sales rep has reduced greatly.

Here’s how the AI can help the sales team.

Make Meaningful Conversations with Customers

The sale of a product is dependent on how well the sales rep makes the conversations. The new AI features in Dynamics 365, Talking Points and Notes Analysis, will help exactly for that. A sales rep has numerous conversations in a single day and when the rep meets the same lead after a few weeks, it is natural for them to forget any personal conversations they had earlier.

The Talking Points feature will help in adding a personal touch to the conversation by providing information related to the conversation the sales rep had earlier with the same customer. This helps in making the customer feel special and important. The Note Analysis will provide the next action that the sales rep can take as the person takes notes based on the data and the pattern.

Score The Promising Leads

The features of Predictive Lead Scoring and Predictive Opportunity Scoring will help the sales department to make an analysis and understand which are the promising leads that are worth spending the time.

This could help to weed out the leads that will prove difficult to convert and help the team prioritize the leads that will be easier to convert. Also, another feature, Who Knows Whom, will help to convert the cold calling to referrals by identifying the connections with the existing leads and sales to get a formal line of introduction to new leads.

Simplified Sales Reports

The Sales Manager will be able to view the complete sales reports, the performance of the team, the most commonly asked queries and other similar parameters to grasp the total outcome of the efforts of the entire sales team.

Predictive Insights

The yet-to-be-released AI-enabled Dynamics 365 for Market Insights will prove to be completely valuable for the marketing team.

Based on the data and the analytics gathered from social media and webpages, the AI can provide predictive insights into what the next steps of the customers are and create strategies based on these outcomes leading the customers towards conversions.

This feature will help the business to stay a few steps ahead of the competitors and bag customers efficiently.