Embrace the latest technology to stay cool with ducted air conditioning installation!

There are times when it is just not enough with a split air conditioning system to give you enough cooling which you need. Your home might be too spacious for which the cool air is unable to reach every corner of your room. From one central location, you might need complete control over your cooling. With the latest technological advancements, it is now possible to cool every inch of you space uniformly once you get ducted air conditioning installation done.

As ducted air conditioning offers an alternative, it is important to understand, how it works? And what makes it different from the split air conditioning system?

Let us now break down the events

It is very important to explain the different components in your typical ducted system, and the role which it plays in keeping you cool in order to understand how ducted air conditioning for Sydney homes keeps you cool and comfortable this summer.

There are two main parts here:

Role played by ducts in your ducted playing

Ducted air conditioning delivers cool air through the ducts is what the name suggests.

To deliver the cool air from a central unit throughout your home, these ducts are installed in your ceiling or floor. To maintain the temperature throughout your home, these ducts are the reason why ducted aircon in Sydney is so good. Just by installing any old piece of tubing is not enough. Ducting needs to be thermally-efficient to maximize energy efficiency. As air travels between your rooms and air conditioner unit, this minimizes the heating or cooling loss.

How does it work?

The ducted air conditioning systems feature an external unit just like with split system air conditioning. These are generally mounted on the ceiling in large boxy units.

Things to find in this box:

  • Compressors
  • Evaporative Coils
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fans

All of the work happens in the outdoor unit, unlike split system air conditioning. The only thing which the ducts do is distribute the air evenly.

How does this system keep you cool?

  1. What happens when you turn on this unit?

The fan turns on by the outdoor unit once you turn on this unit. The warm air from your vents is sucked into the vents and then it is funneled to the outside unit for processing.

Your ducted cooling system gets to work turning your hot air into a cool on once the air reaches the outdoor unit.

  1. How the hot air is turned into a cool one?

Air conditioning abuses a loophole in the laws of physics to cool your home. To be more specific, when liquid evaporates it turns into vapour or gas and this tends to absorb heat.

The whole process is known as “heat pump” principle. Modern air conditioning systems uses this quirk in transforming hot air into a cool one with the use of specialized refrigerants. Your system runs it through the evaporator coils when the hot air reaches the outdoor unit. Your system heats up the refrigerant which gets to work drawing the heat out of the air as it passes through.

  1. Vital Step:: Cooling your house

The main mantra lies with the fact which is to deliver cool air throughout your house uniformly. For cooling the house, powerful fans blow the now-cool air through the vents.

With the special zoning feature which is there is your ducts allows cutting off cooling of a certain room and also to set different climate levels in each individual room.

  1. No hibernation of ducted units in winter

Reverse cycle air conditioners are now a significant chunk of ducted air conditioning system. Thanks to technology!

Reverse-cycle can take cold air and run it through the same process in reverse instead of taking hot air and absorbing heat. When winter rolls around, your air conditioners can double up as a heater!