Find Top 6 Tips For Selecting The Best Wedding Tipi Hire

The Best Wedding Tipi Hire

For people who don’t know, a tipi is a unique conical-shaped tent that is made up of canvas or different skins. Tipis are a growing trend in the market because of the magical feeling they can add to the entire beautiful occasion of a wedding. You can get the best tipi provided you book early about the venue and occasion.

Whether it is a corporate wedding or a party celebration for a small wedding occasion, you can always go for wedding tipi hire for setting up a gorgeous wedding ceremony.

1. The Entire Space of The Event

There are many wedding tipi hires that rent out huge tipis for weddings based on the overall area of the space where the event is planned. Some hires rent out multiple tipis to cover the event area. Hence, it is best for the user to fix the overall space of the area in which the event is planned. For such cultures, multiple tipis is a good idea. For a more liberal culture, a large tipi that can accommodate all the wedding guests might be a good fit.

2. A White Wedding Tipi

For people who are new to tipis, in the end they will understand that a white tipi is the most frequently used kind of tipi. A white tipi is available in different styles – starting from the 1920s to the late 2010s. Most of the wedding tipi hires will suggest the user to purchase a white tipi because of the classic look they can provide to the entire wedding setting.

3. Getting Quotations from Different Tipi Hires

Getting a quote from three different wedding tipi hires is suggested by experts because a comparison between these quotes will provide additional information to the users, like the services and number of tents provided by the hires. They are available in iconic shape, the shapes can be modified depending on the number of people who will be attending the parties, and you can choose from minimal elegant themes with rustic décor and with vintage or with contemporary themes.

4. Looking at The Different Themes Provided by The Hires

A wedding tipi hire can provide tipis based on themes. Hence, it is very important for the user to communicate the theme in his/her head. If this communicated well in advance, the entire experience can become an unpleasant one to the user and all the guests attending the wedding.

5. The Overall Budget for The Wedding

The planners of the wedding should ensure that the budget for the entire ceremony is set in stone before looking at a wedding tipi hire. This is because the wedding planner needs a framework to work with while selecting the wedding tipi hire. Also, the budget discussion will ensure that how much help should the wedding planner look at hiring and also the items that one can look at compromising.

6. Different Complimentary Services Offered

While selecting a wedding tipi hire, one should always look at the additional services that are provided by the hire service. Some of the additional services included interior and exterior decorations for the tipis, props to enhance the wedding setting, and many more. You need to choose a certified company and go for the off-white or the white varieties. For other colors, you can also choose floral tipis, or ones that have designs and geometric patterns like the Bedouin tipis.

All the tips are necessary when it comes to looking for a good wedding tipi hire. However, all the tips might not work always. Now there are many event management companies that can be hired to get the best tipi for wedding ceremonies. You can compare the price quotes and also for how many people the tipi is going to work.