Find Top 4 Benefits of Installing Parquetry Flooring

Installing Parquetry Flooring

Parquetry flooring is a very unique and an intricate type of hardwood flooring which can add class and style to any home in which it is installed. With the parquet flooring, you have an offer to choose from a variety of options which include resin-coated, hardwood and variation of styles which are designed to resemble different wood-like products.

Which are the wood varieties that are used for parquetry flooring?

This may include oak, maple and dark words. In addition to color and design of the wood, the buyers can also choose from a variety of different patterns like multi-layer, solid and mosaic.

This variety allows the buyers to get really creative with their style and enable them to get the best design for their home which will also give the property better aesthetic value and also salability. In addition to the general colouring of the wood type, your flooring is also supposed to resemble the parquetry flooring which come in a variety of colors and shades.

Benefits of Parquetry Flooring

There are many benefits which you get when you have parquet flooring for your house. Here are a few given below which you can consider:

1. Beauty and appeal

As parquet is made of wood, it gives a feeling of warmth to the area where you install it. The floor gives a sophisticated look which can be used to match any lifestyle, taste and the look which you want from the floor. Also, wood flooring has always been a reference when we think of comfort and luxury.

To make an appealing design, the parquetry flooring is done in such a way that there are patterns which are created which can be in different colors. This is the main reason why the flooring is used in many homes throughout the world. This type of flooring is usually geometric and angular, having rectangles, squares and cylindrical shapes. The herringbone structure is quite a popular one.

2. Unique

If you are looking for something which is really very unique, then having parquetry flooring can be a choice which you can have a serious thought about.

The flooring is done in such a way that there are no same patterns made. To ensure each tile is unique, the materials are combined and cut in different ways before they are installed. Each of the floors will have a varying type of wood which different colors and gains.  They are generally used in bedrooms, and in hallways.

Installing Parquetry Flooring

3. Durable

The parquet flooring which you will be doing in your home will be very durable and will handle the everyday use with ease. It will show very little wear and tear over the years. Since it is made up of hardwood, parquet flooring is very strong and often offer a long lifespan. Good quality wooden floors last for decades.

Whereas, many people find themselves replacing the carpet after every five years due to stains, holes and other damages which are done to the floor.  Most of the high-quality parquetry flooring is resistant to fire and spillage and also chemical reactions. Initially, in old times, this type of flooring was joined with adhesives like molten hot bitumen, but now cold normal adhesives are used for sealing the joints.

4. Non-allergic

Parquetry flooring is one of the best options when you or any of your loved one has allergies because it does not trap any allergens like the other flooring options do. When you have a floor, which is made up of wood, there are very fewer chances of the flooring trapping the dust, mites which play havoc with people having allergies.

This flooring is quite non-expensive, and they can be the best ones to walk on, if you have pets, small children and aged parents at home.